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Photoshop actions are series of recorded steps  by the designer
to help other designersto achieve a look without having to manually
apply each process.

Allow designers, at the click of a button,  to obtain an image for their
designs in minutes. Saves the designers some processing time designing.

The good thing about Photoshop action is you don't have to recolor your
graphic to match your projects. The action will give you an option to choose
the colors or paper patterns to match your projects.  Action end results are
crisp and clean, no worries about strays or jagged edges. You can use it
over and over again. They are all in  full sizes and re-sizable for taggers.
Most of my action layers are left open to give you an option to create your
own unique designs. Drop shadows only shown on the previews.

My actions are tested in Photoshop CS2 and CS3.  I was informed by
several designers who bought my actions that they also work on Photoshop
CS4 and CS5 but I will not guarantee it and I will not be held responsible if
they don't work on any graphic program that you have unless it's CS2 or
CS3.  Please read my product description carefully before buying my actions.
How  do I create the actions?

My actions are created from a scratch using colors, patterns, ellipses and 
rectangle.  I also use some custom shapes and brushes.

How long will it take me to create an action?

It depends on how detailed the action is and how many  elements  in one
action.  As you can see, most of my action comes in pair and sometimes
have 3 up 10 elements which I called "bundle".  Sometimes it takes me in
between 3 up to  24 hours to create 1 action including the testing and
modifying them before I post them in the store.
My action are created and tested on Photoshop CS2/ CS3 and was informed
by other designers who were brave enough to try my actions on CS4 and up
said that it worked on their CS program as well. 
Please make sure that you have the right graphic software before buying
my action products, as I will not guarantee it unless you are using Photoshop CS software.

I greatly appreciate designers who abide my TOU and those who appreciates
my work.  I alsoappreciates those who gives credits and to those who leaves
comments/ reviews about my work. 


Any resemblance of my work to other product is purely coincidental.  I may
have seen some graphics while browsing/ surfing the net that inspired me but the final
creation are my own.


Below are the questions customers often asked me.

Q.  Am I allowed to sell the end results of your action that I have
purchased from otherdigital scrapbook stores commercially?
A.  I only allow 1 graphic that you purchased from my store and
other digital store to sell commercially.  You can use these graphic
in any designs or colors.  If you purchased several graphics and
planning on using them to your designs and sell them commercially,
you must obtain a CU4CU license from me.

Q.  Am I allowed to sell my designs with the end results of your actions
to Zazzle or other print on demand site?
A.  Certainly, as long as the end result is not a stand alone.  It must be
in your designs withother graphics.  This only applies to CU4CU license
holder of digital-designs-by-elena.com

Q.  What are your definitions of CU, CU4CU?
A.  CU means you can use any CU items purchased from digital-designs
by elena and sellthis product for personal use only.
 CU4CU means that you can sell the end results of my action or any 
products purchasedfrom digital designs by elena to your customers as
CU items.  Your customers who purchases the products from you can
sell them commercially but the customer whopurchases the products
from her can only use it for personal use.  They cannot offer the end r
esults of my actions or any products to their customers as CU.  If they
want to sell those productscommercially to gain profit,  they must obtain
a CU4CU license from me.

Q.  Am I allowed to make a tube out of your action scripts?
A.  NO for both licensed and non-licensed holder.

Q.  Am I allowed to make templates, line out, vectors, stamps
out of your actions?
A.  NO for both licensed and non-licensed holder.

Q.  Am I allowed to include the end results to my graphic collections
and make CD's?

Q.  Am I allowed to use the graphics  for website decorations, stationery,
tags, cards?
A. YES as long as they are in a flattened .JPEG image and for personal use only.

Q.  Am I able to use your action scripts on my PSP and other graphic   programs?
A.  NO.  Action scripts can only be run on Photoshop CS2 and up.  There are some that can be run on Photoshop Elements.


Please read my TOU for detailed explanation of what you can and cannot do with
the end results of my actions.

Thank you for your cooperation.