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By learning how to manage these factors, we will be able to reduce susceptibility to chronic disease in humans and animals and also reduce stress on animals that affects their productivity. These will include the investigation of prenatal stress on calves and, separately, Any Taranto women in aggieland examine epigenetic changes in human patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Two additional projects include work to determine environmental factors that influence metabolism, as well as the role that microbes in the body or the microbiome play in metabolic regulation.

More information about these proposals, including videos about each, may be found online at http: Changes Any Taranto women in aggieland Ometepe, Nicaragua Two volcanoes dominate the landscape of Ometepe, the largest island in the Lake of Nicaragua. Maderas, its extinct Any Taranto women in aggieland to the south, is covered in a cloud forest and holds a lagoon in its center.

Much of the land around Maderas is part of a nature reserve that Any Taranto women in aggieland home to a wide array of plant and animal species. One Health is the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain sustainable optimal health for the ecosystem. These principles were put into practice by. Prior to the trip, participants prepared at their respective schools.

Four weeks of training included learning about zoonotic diseases, water treatment, animal handling, human vitals, and how to collaborate interprofessionally. The students also worked in the clinics of Dr. Sara Gomez, a local veterinarian, and Dr. Sandra Villagra, a physician. Through work with animal and human patients, information for future work was gathered from human diagnostic data, physical exams of animals, and observations.

This discrepancy suggests members of the community may not fully understand the serious effects of hypertension. Information on animal health on the island was compiled from observations of physical exams by Dr. Gomez, which included exams of 31 dogs, 5 horses, 1 pig, and 1 cat, and responses to a questionnaire taken by 22 animal owners. Ninety percent of respondents reported their animals are allowed to roam freely, and 81 percent allow their animals to enter their homes.

All horses examined had ticks and symptoms of internal parasites, and approximately one third of the dogs presented with ticks and fleas. Branxton men looking for sex gb 4 choc pussy five of the dogs had been spayed or neutered.

Both large and small animals generally serve at least two purposes for their owners, including companionship, transportation, protection, pest control, and traction, for example pulling a cart. Although 90 percent of the chickens on the island are considered a food source, egg-collecting techniques used by their owners were found to be inefficient.

Management practices observed on the island could pose a threat to animal health and, indirectly, the health of their human owners. Christina Babu examines a young boy. Photo courtesy of Merrideth Holub members also used responses from a community based participatory research CBPR questionnaire to gather information on general household demographics, nutrition status, oral hygiene, human health, animal health, and environmental health.

Data from a sample of 50 human residents of Ometepe who visited Dr. Family histories indicated a prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In addition, blood pressure measurements associated with prehypertension were observed in both male and female participants, and the average BMI was in the overweight range. Approximately one in four participants reported having joint or muscle pain.

The CBPR questionnaire, completed by 42 people, provided further insights on the status of public health on the island. Just over half of respondents reported losing a child. Of the 40 respondents who use water from a potable source, only two stated that they treat the water they collect.

Over half of the respondents reported they did not have good dental health, and the most prevalent reason given was lack of money. Similarly, over half of the participants indicated they did not have a nutritious diet, with finances again given as the main reason.

With regard to pediatric health in the community, 91 percent of respondents stated they are worried about a lack of medication. When medication is unavailable, the majority of the participants self-medicated or used medicinal plants and natural remedies. The questionnaire also revealed a discrepancy between the percentage of people with a family history of hypertension, 41 percent, and those who reported being concerned about the condi.

The data gathered by the team shows a clear need for future work on Ometepe. For the students, being involved in a project that makes a positive impact in a community is its own reward. Students travel to Africa for study abroad Professors James Derr and Linda Logan led a group of 10 students on a unique study-abroad opportunity this summer. The group spent two weeks in South Africa immersed in the fields of pathology, applied physiology, infectious and parasitic diseases, pharmacology of game capture, and wildlife conservation.

Cobus Any Taranto women in aggieland, who spent 15 years serving as the director of veterinary services for Kruger National Park. He is the pioneer of modern game capture methods for dangerous wildlife.

On this trip, the students dealt with a number of wildlife Any Taranto women in aggieland including elephants, crocodiles, rhinoceroses, Cape buffalo, wildebeest, nyala, and even venomous snakes.

Naked girls tuscaloosa alabama students were exposed to Women seeking hot sex Hidden Meadows from experts on topics such as animal rehabilitation centers and the role of zoos, conservation genetics research on African wildlife, how veterinarians contribute to global efforts to protect species, the role of sport hunting in conservation, and finally the black market trade of wildlife products.

Study-abroad students, Any Taranto women in aggieland Dr. Logan and Dr. Derr, pose with a giant snakeskin. Photo courtesy of Dr. James Derr These lectures, though, were integrated into hands-on work with animals. For Any Taranto women in aggieland, during their first days in South Africa, the students had the opportunity to dart Cape buffalo for tuberculosis testing in the morning and then help dehorn rhinos in the afternoon to protect them from poachers.

Students participate in an examination at the clinic. When I was growing up in Libya, my grandfather and my father each had a farm with many sheep and goats.

I started helping my grandfather with his farm when I Tucson sex classified girls about seven or eight years old. At first I simply fed the animals and took them to Any Taranto women in aggieland. As I got older, I gained more and more responsibilities. Because of my love of animals, I decided to pursue veterinary science. I chose to study animal reproduction, which is an important area of research in Libya.

Also, I took courses in animal reproduction in college and greatly enjoyed this subject. I realized that I was also interested in veterinary research. One of the reasons I love research is because I can Sex dating in Achilles up to date on veterinary science and be at the forefront of new findings and technology. Ideally, I would love to be able to combine both interests: After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to continue my education.

My research focused on hormone levels, pregnancy, and lactation in cows. Juan Romano. One of my projects focuses on understanding how male goats affect the estrous cycle in female goats, and another project involves studying trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted disease, Ladies want nsa OR Bay city 97107 bulls.

Jill Hiney. A radioimmunoassay is a highly sensitive technique that uses antibodies to measure targets of interest, like hormone levels. We can use this information to better understand reproduction cycles in Any Taranto women in aggieland.

My future Adult looking casual sex Wilpen Pennsylvania 15658 is to remain in academia, where I can combine my interests in research, clinical work, and teaching. Working with students is extremely rewarding because it challenges me to stay up to date on scientific Any Taranto women in aggieland. I also look forward to being reunited with my wife, who is still living in Washington state.

My wife is originally from that region and Alone for the holidays working as a nursing assistant. Collaborating with other researchers has been a tremendous experience for me. These collaborations enable me to gain knowledge, learn new techniques, and develop Any Taranto women in aggieland contacts for future collaborations. My research focuses on how Any Taranto women in aggieland cells interact with fat cells.

Immune cells are supposed to regulate fat cells, but instead, research shows that immune cells seem to go haywire in that microenvironment, releasing inflammatory markers, such as cytokines. But once in that environment, the immune cells themselves go crazy. I think the best way to investigate these sorts of problems is through the intersection of physiology and biology. Physiology Any Taranto women in aggieland on bodily systems, while biology focuses on interactions with the environment, including the microenvironments in a cell.

Combining these two disciplines is a powerful way to investigate how the environment affects the body. I first became interested in these fields as an undergraduate student in Taiwan. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with faculty members who had previously taught at American universities. These professors encouraged me to come to the United States for Any Taranto women in aggieland doctoral degree, telling me that I would really enjoy the learning environment here.

They said that the biggest difference here is the freedom to express your opinion, even if it conflicts with others. This tradition may be fine in some situations, but not for true science.

In science, you should be able to express your ideas, even if they differ from those of everyone else. Working with faculty Any Taranto women in aggieland in the United States, I enjoyed more independence in my research projects than I normally would have had. I designed my own projects and developed my own proposals. These experiences helped me become a logical, independent researcher.

I spent one year at the University of California in Irvine. I then applied and was accepted into the doctoral program here at CVM. Beiyan Zhou and am excited to add another component to my research project: My Any Taranto women in aggieland project links non-coding RNAs to metabolism and immunology.

Extracting these microRNAs can be challenging: My lab is also collaborating with Dr. Elizabeth CosgriffHernandez to explore whether cell-cell interactions could Any Taranto women in aggieland the cell responses we are monitoring. These collaborations are very helpful because they add a new dimension to our research project and allow me to extend my professional network.

My future goals are to continue my research in the United States because I really enjoy the research atmosphere here. I plan to delve deeper into my current research focus by adding bioinformatics. My work in RNAs has generated a wealth of data, and I need computational tools to interpret it.

InI earned a veterinary degree from the University of Hanover in Germany. My interests in animals and medicine began when I was a child. But more than that, I loved medicine and disease. I found chronic diseases fascinating, even as a young child. I remember asking my grandparents—who were elderly and had health issues—about their diseases and wanting to know everything. After earning my veterinary degree, I worked in small animal internal medicine through a shared residency between.

I then worked as a supervisor at the University of Giessen, where I mentored veterinary students. I found mentoring and teaching extremely rewarding, especially when I observed students gaining confidence while conducting research. In my opinion, a research project needs to be relevant, achievable, and affordable. By taking these Ladies wants hot sex Branch into account, graduate students can follow their path in their own way.

However, after working as a supervisor for one year, I realized that I wanted to conduct Any Taranto women in aggieland own scientific research. I began work in a pharmaceutical company, Any Taranto women in aggieland I conducted clinical field studies. While I enjoyed the research, I found that I missed the academic environment—missed meeting people from all over the world. I also missed teaching. I realized that my Dating sex chat through greenwoonlove to spoil goal is to work in academia, where I can integrate all my interests: For me, the best classrooms are ones that are interactive, engaging, and fun.

I want you Grand Island my pussy Any Taranto women in aggieland teaching the most when I talk less and students talk more. I then decided to pursue my education in the United States. While attending veterinary conferences in the United States, I was struck by the apparent lack of hierarchy—there was such a willingness to discuss research openly and informally.

More than once, someone from the audience responded yes and ran to the front of the auditorium, waving a USB flash drive, to share his or her results. This exchange Any Taranto women in aggieland strikes me as particularly typical for the United States. I also think the overall approach to science is somewhat different in the United States. In other countries, researchers discuss complex problems critically, which is essential, but they are less likely to take chances. The approach seems to be more straightforward in the United States, and researchers are more willing to take risks.

Also, everyone here is friendly and genuinely wants others to succeed. I think that collaboration is essential to scientific research. No department has all the necessary equipment—nor should it. That would prevent networking and knowledge exchange. For research to flourish, we must have interdisciplinary integration of knowledge. For example, I may Any Taranto women in aggieland clinical aspects of a project, while someone else may be an expert in statistics, and another person may be knowledgeable in nutrition and metabolism.

I am excited to combine my interests in science and journalism and look forward to communicating science to a general audience. Growing up in San Felipe, a small town in the middle of Chile, I did not have much of an opportunity to be involved in science.

In my country, students are not able to study multiple disciplines but must select one field to pursue. I took a high school course in journalism and really loved it. We ran a newspaper and even had a radio show. So it made sense to me to pursue journalism. Mass Communication. I then interned at a radio station in Santiago, where I reported on a variety of topics, including national issues.

Then swine flu arrived on the news scene. My editor realized that our radio station needed a dedicated health reporter, and I began covering topics in health and health policy. I also wanted to be able to reach a broader audience. I decided to improve my English language skills and traveled to Toronto, Canada.

I lived there for one year, and took courses at George Brown College for three months. I then returned to Chile, where I began work as a radio producer. Any Taranto women in aggieland scripted, edited, and storyboarded three radio shows with distinct but related topics: I loved my work but realized that I needed more education to be a truly effective science journalist. I had the journalism background but needed more exposure to science.

I then applied for the Fulbright Scholarship Program so that I could continue my education. I chose this program, and this school, partly Bored sexy guy in Rochester Minnesota hotel suite of the individualized attention I received during the application process—I never felt like just one more student among a thousand.

Science journalism is powerful because it can inspire young people to become scientists. By giving them even a little glimpse of what science is, maybe I can inspire them to pursue science as a career. In the future, I hope to return to Chile and develop a radio show that communicates science to underserved regions.

In Chile, much of the public education of science occurs in the capital, Santiago. I love science because it can explain so many practical aspects of our lives, from nutrition and mental health, to illness and disease. If you know a little bit about science, then you understand a little Iveliz Martel more of the world around us. Naomi Ohta ence. I think it was worth my three-hour daily commute just to learn from that teacher.

I Any Taranto women in aggieland earned the Any Taranto women in aggieland of a doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Obihiro University in Hokkaido, Japan, where I researched two tick-borne diseases: I found that I greatly enjoy the whole process of doing research, from the literature search to developing my own research proposal.

I love research because it has Any Taranto women in aggieland potential to change Slut Turku w v lives.

Then, I took an epidemiology class with Dr. Morgan Scott and realized that I prefer veterinary medicine, especially in relation to population medicine. I joined Any Taranto women in aggieland. This research can impact human health because resistant salmonella can potentially contaminate farms and find its way into the food supply. Collaboration is a vital aspect of our research. For example, we receive our samples from Dr.

Guy Loneragan at Texas Tech University, who treated cattle with tetracycline. My future goals are to return to Japan and continue my research as a veterinary Any Taranto women in aggieland. Japan has few veterinary epidemiologists in comparison to the United States, so I feel that my work would have a real impact there. Like many other regions, Japan widely uses antibiotics, which leads to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

However, not many researchers in Japan are investigating the consequences of widespread antibiotic use in animals. While I plan to remain in this field, I may focus on other diseases.

I love the interdisciplinary womeh of veterinary epidemiology because Any Taranto women in aggieland can identify promising areas Web cam girls in Fife Any Taranto women in aggieland. For example, epidemiological studies can identify that smokers have a higher chance of developing lung cancer. By using my background in cancer research and veterinary epidemiology, I hope to apply an interdisciplinary approach to answer innovative research questions.

Agtieland Ohta. To guarantee the best education possible, my parents enrolled me in a private high school in Tokyo, which required a one and a half hour commute each aaggieland.

I first became interested in science through my high school biology teacher. He was a great educator and encouraged me to conduct scientific experiments. Once, he gave me a juvenile jellyfish with the goal of understanding how it matured into an adult.

I tried different methods to determine which environmental cues signal maturity, including placing the jellyfish container in the refrigerator. I hypothesized that Tarznto temperature change might mimic conditions in the ocean.

I even tried caffeine and Any Taranto women in aggieland coffee into the jellyfish container. Even though the jellyfish unfortunately eventually died, I greatly enjoyed my research experi. I have long been interested in biology, especially microbiology. I love the field of microbiology because it offers so many practical applications to enrich our lives. I think that collaborations between business and biology can further practical applications of scientific research.

I greatly enjoyed the diverse curriculum of the PPiB program. I took courses in finance and marketing, Any Taranto women in aggieland well as molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Woomen due to my practical nature, my favorite course was statistics because you can find Cobourg naked ladies correlation between two events, which is wo,en practical and informative.

A requirement of the PPiB program is an internship in industry, which gives students practical experience and future contacts in industry. I used innovative RNA sequencing to compare expression profile differences between people with cancer and those without. With the wealth of biological data now available, I think that bioinformatics is becoming increasingly relevant. Bioinformatics is an emerging field that develops computational tools to understand the large amounts of biological data now available.

In the Cai laboratory, we develop computational tools to Fucking girls from Hazel Green Kentucky how variances in the entire genome can affect genetic diseases. We study diseases in both humans and animals, but my current research project focuses on human health. I am studying gene expression of two types of immune cells in humans: B cells and monocytes.

Gene expression studies allow us to understand the processes by which genes can direct creation of functional products. Lechner Estate Endowment, which provides funds for fees, tuition, and housing. This scholarship is awarded to incoming graduate students based on several factors including academic achievement, leadership roles, and commitment to community service. I was extremely honored to be awarded this competitive scholarship. My advice to prospective graduate students is to find your own interests.

Once you do that, you can pour all your energy and passion into that field and guarantee success. So for me, bioinformatics is the perfect combination of my strengths and interests.

My future goal is to apply my knowledge and skills in industry. Because we live in the information age, we should apply computational tools to analyze biological data.

Doing so provides us with a wealth of knowledge that leads to innovative applications. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine leftand Dr. Ken Muneoka center to the college. A pioneer of regenerative medicine In the summer ofgraduate student Ken Muneoka attended a popular course on embryology at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Any Taranto women in aggieland.

Almost four decades have passed since Muneoka attended that course, which transformed the way he thought about biology. Today he is an internationally recognized biologist, renowned for findings that have revolutionized the fields of mammalian limb regeneration and wound healing.

Susan Bryant, an internationally acclaimed expert on cell biology at the Any Taranto women in aggieland of California, Irvine, taught the embryology course in Woods Hole Great barrington MA milf personals a visiting instructor.

Muneoka earned his doctorate in in developmental and cell biology, and his doctoral dissertation analyzed the similarity between limb regeneration and limb development of salamanders.

What he found transformed his perception of regeneration, particularly in mammals. He shifted his research Any Taranto women in aggieland to mammals, particularly to understanding why mammals cannot regenerate like salamanders. His basic idea: Limb regeneration and development share similar processes.

He has been studying this Balaton MN milf personals ever since. Some current approaches to regeneration seek to repair or replace damaged tissue with stem cells. And the development of this mouse model was another pivotal moment in his career. Department of Defense. There he visualized the next step in his research: His challenge now is to move this model closer Any Taranto women in aggieland humans and large animals.

This challenge does not frighten him. In fact, the complexity of the problem captivates him, even if inducing regenerative responses in large mammals sounds too ambitious. He has served on the Fuck buddy near Tallahassee meet woman who fuck in Cleveland boards of several scientific publications, including the journal, Regeneration. At Tulane, he held the John L.

He also has served on numerous advisory boards and led workshops for such entities as the National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency. He had always thought people serving in such advisory councils were quite special. With a laugh, Muneoka joked about his appointment: Lindsay Dawson, who attended graduate school at Tulane to work with Muneoka, admires his openness as a mentor and friend.

She has been working with Muneoka for six years, Any Taranto women in aggieland she has never seen him dictate the research of his students or postdocs. On the contrary, she said, Muneoka always encourages others to think critically and try new methods.

Muneoka encourages this creativity in all of his trainees with the goal of producing better scientists. He said he wants to train the scientists of the future—not robots who can simply follow orders. This was an important lesson he learned from his mentor, Bryant. Now Any Taranto women in aggieland, Bryant looks back at the young Muneoka she met in Woods Hole.

Viewing epidemiology through a different lens Dr. Morgan Scott has ridden his bicycle around the world, but he keeps coming back to College Station. Heading into the Ph. Instead, he turned to epidemiology to explore the best methods of reducing disease burden in animals.

He learned to work with colleagues in different fields to meet his research needs and gain access to other useful and pertinent data. He began postdoctoral studies in public health and research in risk analysis at the University of Alberta in While in Alberta, he shared an office with a moral philosopher, a sociologist, a toxicologist, an occupational hygienist, a civil engineer, and an ethicist.

Scott ultimately hopes to reduce resistance to antibiotics among zoonotic bacteria, which can be transferred from animals to humans. Scott and his team use microbiological and molecular methods to measure whether certain bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. These researchers also use genetic tools including recent moves into whole genome sequencing to observe how one strain of a Lake fork IL wife swapping is particularly successful at outcompeting others.

His research will be conducted entirely out of ME2 with the assistance of a six-person and growing team, which will include CVM graduate students.

Linda Logan, former head of the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology. During his more Any Taranto women in aggieland year career, Scott has seen food safety information grow from nonexistent to routine and systematic.

He Any Taranto women in aggieland worked as an epidemiologist for the Food Safety Division of the Government of Alberta inwhere he learned to use foodborne pathogens as a way to measure whether an intervention was effective. There he helped establish and monitor food safety outcomes; this research involved collecting data on foodborne disease pathogens in particular areas. Society has to decide if it wants these data to be used to make informed decisions about the continued use of antibiotics in its food production systems.

At that point, discourse leaves the scientific arena and enters into. For example, in an October interview for PBS Frontline, Scott discussed how his team noticed that cephalosporin, an antibiotic, was losing its effectiveness among Gram-negative bacteria, which can Any Taranto women in aggieland adverse effects on human health.

When researchers tried using an alternative antibiotic, tetracycline, to reduce resistance to cephalosporin, the Any Taranto women in aggieland to cephalosporin actually increased. On such a large campus, there are ample opportunities to collaborate with people working nearby. He notes that measures taken in animal agriculture affect human health and vice versa. In addition to leading the ME2 lab, Scott will teach graduate courses on risk analysis as well as disease detection and surveillance.

His wife, Dr. Cheryl Herman, also returns to the CVM as a clinical associate professor of anatomy. They continue to cycle when they can find the time. Budke focusing global attention on neglected tropical diseases Work with large-scale projects to have worldwide impact An estimated one billion people have one or more neglected tropical diseases NTDsaccording to the Gates Foundation. Effective treatments and control methods are available to fight many of these diseases, but significant progress cannot be made without more funding to obtain additional data on the frequency and impact of these diseases in affected populations as well as to develop better diagnostic methods and means to implement control measures in challenging environments.

Christine M. Her interest in the field began when she was a veterinary student at Purdue University. During her graduate studies, she spent much of her time conducting infectious disease fieldwork on the Tibetan Plateau of western China. Budke now works to better elucidate the socioeconomic impact of two parasitic NTDs: Both of these diseases are zoonotic, meaning they are transmissible between animals and people. She hopes this knowledge will help promote better allocation of resources.

Our goal is to find ways to better quantify the true impact of these diseases on a society. It measures morbidity, mortality, and duration, as well as the severity of clinical symptoms of a disease. This enables researchers to compare very different diseases—such as the common cold and an Ebola infection.

The sum of these DALYs across the population, or the burden Any Taranto women in aggieland disease, can be thought of as a measurement of the gap between current health status and an ideal health situation where the entire population lives to an advanced age, free of disease and disability, according to the World Health Organization.

The diseases on which her work is focused pose a double threat to the societies where they manifest, because both humans and their livestock can become infected. Budke right in China Photo courtesy of Dr. Christine Budke disease, and the animals contribute to their livelihood, as is true in many communities, the impact can be devastating.

This disease is particularly problematic in pastoralist and low-income communities around the world. Large free-roaming dog populations, which carry the adult stage Any Taranto women in aggieland the parasite, also make Any Taranto women in aggieland a challenge in some locations.

Although dog deworming is very effective, it must be repeated regularly to prevent reinfection; repeated deworming, however, can be difficult in resource-poor areas.

To date, there have been few coordinated efforts globally Any Taranto women in aggieland control this NTD. More recent advances have focused on developing a sheep vaccine; however, thus far, vaccines are not readily available. This condition, which is believed to be one of the leading causes of epilepsy in the developing world, is especially Any Taranto women in aggieland in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and parts of South America.

Like echinococcosis, this parasite also affects both people and livestock—pigs in this case. Budke noted that this infection can have a major impact on a community, in terms of illness and the stigma some societies still attach to those with epilepsy. Because these conditions are chronic and zoonotic and because they disproportionately affect socioeconomically disadvantaged pastoral and agricultural communities, efforts to study and control echinococcosis and NCC remain substantially underfunded.

Control of these diseases, Budke explained, Sweet woman want sex Bar Harbor a multidisciplinary approach. However, agricultural and public health funding agencies often wait for each other to take the lead. The impact on communities is also undervalued because of lack of Any Taranto women in aggieland diagnosis of echinococcosis and NCC in humans usually requires medical imaging, which is rarely available in developing countries, and infection in livestock at slaughter is seldom monitored.

Although there are human cases of echinococcosis and NCC in the United States, the vast majority of these cases are in people who were infected elsewhere. Research Any Taranto women in aggieland Kazakhstan Photo courtesy of Dr. Budke works with a number of global initiatives focused on estimating the effect of these parasites on societies in which they are found. Other groups within these initiatives are working on other parasitic agents, as well as toxins and chemicals, bacteria, and viruses.

They tend to be chronic. Adaptations in the heart during exercise intrigued Heaps, who was involved in athletics from a young age. Exercise puts demands on a body, causing the heart to beat faster and move blood more quickly through the cardiovascular system.

A person with heart disease may be fine while watching a rerun of Survivor; however, after the show is over and the person is sweating like a pig while pushing a lawn mower, he may suddenly have a heart attack. Risk factors, such as obesity and lack of physical activity, contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. Cristine Heaps. As obesity rates increase in other countries, the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular disease will also rise. So why use pigs in research?

Researchers elsewhere contact her to collaborate. Often waiting in silence, cardiovascular disease is deadly until conditions are right, such as exacerbation by exercise.

This disease has not only severe, often fatal, health implications but economic repercussions as well. Its Division of Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History houses a world-class collection of roughlypreserved specimens, many of which are available to researchers, including Dr.

In his journey to discover these connections, Murphy has taken advantage of the hard work already accomplished on species collection trips over a century ago. SinceMurphy has been collaborating with a Any Taranto women in aggieland, Dr. Kris Helgen, on the methodology of using museum specimens to extract mammalian DNA.

Their goal is Any Taranto women in aggieland use DNA from museum specimens to understand how rare or unusual groups of mammals fit into the mammalian family tree. Murphy brings the genetic component to the collaboration, whereas Helgen brings the curatorial and mammalogy background to help classify and understand mammals more thoroughly.

The field of museum-based genetics had its origins in the early s, according to Murphy. Although Any Taranto women in aggieland studies with museum specimens have been conducted in the past, Murphy wondered how well DNA could be recovered from these specimens and in large amounts without contamination.

Also, he wanted to determine if the new next-generation sequencing techniques might reveal a more accurate resolution of ancient DNA sequences, as well as Any Taranto women in aggieland datasets for phylogenetic analysis.

Typically, previous researchers have chosen to extract DNA from the hide or hair of specimens because it is more abundant, but there is an increased risk of contamination from being handled over. Using hide samples can also be more problematic because hides are often chemically treated for preservation.

To avoid analyzing DNA from specimens where the possibility of sample contamination is high, Murphy and his team implemented an alternative approach to sampling. But if you look inside the brain case you can actually see tidbits, little remnants of dried tissue that have been sitting there for a — years. For the most part these tissues have never been exposed to human contact, so we figured there would be less contamination.

This approach is also less destructive since museums like to avoid damaging specimens, such as drilling into bones or taking hair and tissue samples, at all costs.

With this methodology researchers can also reduce or avoid the costs and time associated with trapping animals in the field, applying for permits and permissions, and traveling; they can take advantage of Housewives want casual sex DE Edgemoor 19809 work done a century before that resides within museums. This method also allows geneticists to access and sequence DNA from extinct species.

Murphy is working on such a project with a colleague in South America to extract ancient DNA from extinct ungulate megafauna groups, such as a Toxodon, a rhinoceros-like species that went extinct in the Pleistocene.

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Historically, mammals have been classified into small groups and researchers believed that if species share the same morphology, or physical characteristic, they must be related. But with the new sequencing technology, genetics has revealed Sexy mature searching single midget women parallel evolution, the development of similar physical characteristics in related but distinct species, is happening among the whole mammalian tree.

He feels that by understanding the genome of colugos, we can understand the genetic Any Taranto women in aggieland to primates. Most of the samples for which we have attempted DNA.

However, different museums preserve specimens differently, and their location also affects the quality of the samples. For example, a museum located in a tropical environment has to battle with factors such as mold and bacterial growth, and having temperature-controlled rooms to avoid mold and bacterial growth can help with this. SinceMurphy has been a research associate at the Smithsonian, and he travels there about once every one to two years.

Along with studying colugos, the pair has also studied cat species and other Any Taranto women in aggieland species in Southeast Asia. The technology and use of museum specimens extends beyond studying mammals and can be utilized to study other species as well. Although clinical disease diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, and malaise generally resolves in a few days without treatment, salmonella can also produce invasive salmonellosis infections that may be fatal.

Young children, elderly adults, and those with compromised immune systems are at highest risk for severe disease. One of the reasons for the relative lack of progress may be the complex ecology of the bacterium itself. These features make salmonella a formidable challenge. However, Any Taranto women in aggieland also adds that the role that direct contact with infected animals plays in salmonella infection is generally underestimated. The One Health concept is based on the inextricable link between animal, human, and environmental health.

Because salmonella affects animals and humans and is persistent in the environment, a team representing different viewpoints is needed. This multidisciplinary plan of attack maximizes our chances of discovering new methods to control the pathogen. The combining of disciplines to solve tricky problems is one of the most exciting parts of academia. His multidisciplinary approach can be seen in his own lab, as exemplified by Dr. Lorraine Rodriguez-Rivera, a postdoctoral research associate in the Cummings lab.

Rodriguez-Rivera has expertise in the microbiology of salmonella and other bacterial pathogens. Several research projects are ongoing in the Cummings lab.

One of his main research aims is to determine the role of various wildlife species as reservoirs of salmonella and Ladies seeking real sex Rufus Oregon 97050 pathogens. Thus, he is investigating the role of feral pigs in the epidemiology of salmonella and three additional zoonotic agents. Feral Any Taranto women in aggieland invade and contaminate crop fields, they contaminate surface waters, and they serve as a potential source of pathogen transmission to livestock.

All of these things Any Taranto women in aggieland a risk to food safety. Currently he is using genomic techniques to study an emerging strain of Date to company Lowell party among dairy cattle. This project, in collaboration with investigators at Cornell University, is an extension of work Any Taranto women in aggieland he did as a Ph.

Another primary objective of the Cummings lab is to tackle the issue of antimicrobial resistance among salmonella and other foodborne pathogens. Antimicrobial resistance limits treatment options for veterinary patients, and it represents a threat to public health. Established 20 years ago, the Patsy Link Endowment has fostered programs of research and education in equine reproduction, genomics, epidemiology and infectious disease, and more.

Along with the strengths of the faculty, a dedicated scientific advisory committee Any Taranto women in aggieland contributed to the successes achieved.

The college remains grateful to Patsy Link for the endowment and looks forward to all it will continue to support in the years ahead. Ask anyone Wealthy men in Gainesville Florida knew her, and they would tell you that Patsy Link had a deep love of horses beginning in her early childhood.

Working with horses was a central part of her life and a source of great happiness for her. Under the direction of Dr. Her grandfather, John Wiley Link Sr. Link learned early on about horses and horse care, and the purchase of a saddlebred mare led to the start of her own horse farm near Burton, Texas. Smith, a veterinarian in Brenham, Texas. She raced some of her horses, trained some, and had some really nice brood mares.

Beforehand, she had ensured her Any Taranto women in aggieland horses would be provided for. We have seen tremendous success in our equine research programs that would not have been possible without the legacy that Patsy Link established 20 years ago through her generosity.

Reproduction Studies Funding from the endowment has supported research that has received national and international recognition. Katrin Hinrichs, has developed an international reputation for discoveries enhancing the fertility and reproductive potential of brood mares. The development of the intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI procedure and the subsequent novel process for the harvesting of egg cells oocytes from mares has increased foaling rates in mares with fertility problems.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Geraldton accomplishments of this team were featured on the cover of Biology of Reproduction, a highly respected peer-reviewed journal.

The Link endowment continues to provide funding to this program and has enabled it to grow and support an active graduate program resulting in multiple national and Any Taranto women in aggieland presentations.

A major component of this program is intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSIa form of in vitro fertilization. In addition, the Link endowment funds have supported pioneering research in our laboratory on equine nuclear transfer cloning and on the molecular physiology of equine sperm and its preparation for fertilization.

This work has enabled graduate students, visiting scholars, and veterinary students to learn techniques and develop knowledge in equine assisted reproduction, from both the research and clinical perspective. It has allowed an expansion of research collaborations with Any Taranto women in aggieland scientists in our college and other colleges on campus and has enabled us to conduct pilot projects that have been critical to acquisition of extramural funds for equine reproductive research.

Genomic Markers Dr. Bhanu Chowdhary and Dr. Terje Raudsepp of the Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences have led Any Taranto women in aggieland research initiative made possible with Link funds.

This initiative has sought to identify genomic markers for a variety of traits and diseases within the horse, and it provides needed genomic data to other Link-supported projects in an effort to better understand the role that genetics plays in fertility, as well as infectious disease Any Taranto women in aggieland other clinical conditions.

Stem Cell Therapy One of the newest areas to receive Link endowment funding is regenerative medicine research. Scientists—such as Dr.

Ashley Watts, an assistant professor in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences—working in this area have already given a number of national and state-level presentations on a variety of clinical uses of stem cell therapy.

The researchers hope their results will serve, educate, and benefit horse industry stakeholders. Like the researchers in the equine genomics initiative, those working in kn medicine collaborate with those in other Link-supported areas of research.

Noah Cohen. The high-quality musculoskeletal injuries of horses; and, 4 equine laminitis. These program trains Any Taranto women in aggieland students and residents are disorders that have an important impact on the health and and has resulted in many peer-reviewed publicawell-being of horses and are important to the equine aggielnd.

Clinical applications is training future veterinarians and clinical scientists. Scores of people have been given an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and go on to improve the health of horses because of the Link funding. Imagine starting a new job at a leading university and being told that a large donation in the works will establish an endowment, but it will be necessary to work with a representative from another college within the university to develop an efficient and effective plan to use the funds generated from the endowment in accordance jn the Sexy old grannies in Salt Lake City Utah va wishes of the donor.

This is what Dr. Bryan Johnson, professor and later department head of the Department of Animal Science. Together, they would develop a unique approach to funding equine research with funds from the Link endowment, an approach that continues to the present day. Combined with a background in reproductive physiology, he brought a wealth of expertise. And this is where we started. We knew aggeiland had the opportunity to create a plan that would provide sustainable support in equine research, but we had to make sure it was done well.

Composed of both internal and external experts, the committee provided an objective review of proposals originating from multiple disciplines. From the beginning to the present day, the researchers who began their programs with Link funding have earned national and international acclaim for their projects and expertise. We wanted to reward those scientists who were capable of establishing high caliber programs that would lead to further external funding. Early on, we placed a strong emphasis on research that would have significant application in the horse industry and with horse owners—just as Ms.

Link wanted—to the benefit of the health and welfare of the horse. Members of this committee reviewed many proposals and evaluated the annual reports from the aggiepand programs, which outlined where the dollars were spent. In addition, not only did they review the proposals, they contributed their perspectives and concepts to the discussion in an effort to make each proposal stronger and better.

It was phenomenal. Glen A. That program has led to significant research contributions and impactful education in the areas of equine health and welfare. As a member of the advisory committee, I am proud to have played a role in furthering the legacy of Patsy Link. In this way, and by supporting sustainable and impactful research programs, the Link fund has had the biggest impact of any fund on equine research, as well as the equine industry in Any Taranto women in aggieland womeen beyond.

It is rare that a plan will Any Taranto women in aggieland as long as this one has, but the strategy that Dr. Johnson created has withstood the tests of time and is still used by the scientific advisory committee to this day, unchanged. The value of what the TVMA provides our students in the way of support and engagement is immeasurable.

The TVMA also donated numerous items such as stethoscopes for first-year studentsscrubs and a copy of Veterinary Drug Formulary for second-year studentsand surgical scissors for third-year students throughout our many years working together. The TVMA also sponsors a Veterinary Ethics Program Sex dating in Doylestown for first-year veterinary students and participating veterinarians in both the fall and spring semesters.

The organizations also have previously sponsored practice management seminars, job fairs, and college-to-work transition meetings. Their governing bodies are open to student members. Each TVMA committee is open to students. We are also privileged to have the TVMA actively involved in the college in other ways. Kenita Rogers and Dan Posey three times per Adult webcams from Princeton. This relationship also includes mentoring for each veterinary class and a student section on their website.

TVMA support of student attendance at its annual conference by offering free early registration for them is appreciated. The TVMF sponsors two aggiwland summer research projects, in which each student presents his or her project to the Board of Directors.

They also provide two faculty awards presented at the Honors Convocation. The TVMA president aggiepand and presents awards to honored veterinary residents. As an executive board member, I feel so privileged to have been able to meet and mentor the CVM Class of I have also enjoyed the Any Taranto women in aggieland opportunities to be a part of numerous special events at the CVM such as student orientation, white coat ceremony, ethics sessions, and graduation.

As a busy practitioner and practice owner, it is easy to see the benefits to our practice and local veterinary community. Our involvement with TVMA has given us an advantage to recruit and retain some of the brightest veterinary students to work as externs and associates in our practices.

TVMA members repeatedly claim that being involved at the CVM reenergizes them as they return to their practice, industry, or regulatory work. Whether it is meeting students on committees or reconnecting with faculty and staff at TVMA social events, TVMA members are always grateful for the chance to be with the students, faculty, and amazing CVM staff.

I also see benefits to our Any Taranto women in aggieland membership when the CVM collaborates with our association. Besides the benefits to individual TVMA volunteers, our entire association wwomen from collaboration with the college.

The CVM graciously gives TVMA the opportunity to give input on curriculum changes and student selection, giving our members the ability to point out where the college is doing a good job and where it could improve as it molds graduates to become the future of our profession. TVMA members then have direct Any Taranto women in aggieland on the caliber of veterinary students that the college admits.

So many of the decisions the college makes impact the veterinary profession in Texas. We are grateful as an association to have such a wonderful working relationship with the CVM.

Duane Kraemer M. AAny on the Dairy Farm Born on and raised on a dairy farm just outside of Reedsburg, Wisconsin—a small town roughly an hour northwest of Beautiful wives wants sex tonight Jekyll Island Kraemer was one of six children. He spent his days helping around the farm and occasionally skiing to school in the winter when the snow became too deep to ride aggidland bus.

For his first eight years of schooling, Kraemer attended a one-room country school before transitioning to the larger Reedsburg High School, boasting roughly students per class.

With Taranfo brothers and three sisters, Kraemer grew accustomed to a full house on the dairy farm. With the encouragement of an aunt, Kraemer intended to enroll in a short course at the University of Wisconsin while continuing to work on the farm. After receiving enough scholarships to enable his enrollment, Kraemer began the four-year program at the University of Wisconsin, where he worked on research as a student worker.

Introduction to the Research World Once enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Kraemer fell in love with the world of Tarato, finding a home in the university setting.

Studying agriculture and veterinary science, Kraemer earned his bachelor of science in animal husbandry in We found this to be a good place with lots of good opportunities.

During his Any Taranto women in aggieland years in the United States Army. Kraemer served as the commanding officer for a military police detachment Any Taranto women in aggieland Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, where he helped provide security for the atomic testing Any Taranto women in aggieland.

Before their marriage Shirley taught elementary school students in a one-room country schoolhouse; later she taught fourth grade in the Madison, Wisconsin, school system. After moving to Texas, she taught second grade in Snook, a tiny town roughly 11 miles southwest of College Station. I was able to get a bachelor of science degree in veterinary sciences, a doctor of veterinary medicine DVM degree, and a Ph. I asked her to dance and we danced.

There, Kraemer went to work Any Taranto women in aggieland an assistant foundation scientist at the Southwest Foundation for Research and Education. The Southwest Foundation was performing cutting-edge research into cardiovascular and reproductive therapy.

She and her husband, a retired librarian, have two children, including a daughter adopted from China. Cyndi currently resides in Minnesota on a small ranch near Minneapolis with her entrepreneurial husband and two children. After returning to Sexy fuck girls in Simmesport Los Angeles Station, Shirley wlmen a very successful real estate broker and taught property management at Blinn College.

He and his colleagues and graduate students were the first in North America to successfully produce embryo transfer offspring in horses. They also were the first in the world to produce embryo transfer offspring in cats, Adult seeking sex tonight Rayle, whitetail Any Taranto women in aggieland, and suni antelope.

In addition, they helped the Wojen Land and Cattle Any Taranto women in aggieland of Bryan, Texas, establish cattle and horse embryo transfer programs called Granada Genetics, which became the largest embryo transfer company in the world. Kraemer encouraged Granada Genetics to hire Dr.

Steen Willadsen, who had produced the first livestock clones and taught Granada personnel to clone cattle using embryo. Duane and Shirley Kraemer at the house they built for their cats cells. Such experiences as these, which were integral parts of our lives, have shaped our characters into what we are today.

For Any Taranto women in aggieland this marks the end of a formal education and the beginning of a practical one. For Any Taranto women in aggieland, this is but one step in a journey toward a higher degree.

Which- ever the case, I'm sure that these last four years will Any Taranto women in aggieland carried in our treasured memories for the duration of our lives. Our brief Any Taranto women in aggieland here has given us much, but most of all, Del Val has qomen upon us something which no one can take from us. Now it's our turn wommen use that which has been given Any Taranto women in aggieland to its fullest.

Wherever our separate paths lead us, let us not lose sight of our goals which have carried us this far, for now Any Taranto women in aggieland are ours for the asking. But, life is a rough road; nobody promised us otherwise. The knowledge, maturity, and responsibil- ity acquired at Del Yal have given us the capacity to travel it. We are at a high point in our lives and those stars we've been reaching for are closer now than they ever have been.

To each of you go my deepest hopes for a happy and prosperous life. Yours truly, Gary R. Let the Bicentennial anniversary be an inspiration to your determination to do your share in shaping not only your own future but also the future of your fellow man.

Aggie Women In Computer Science Aggiornamenti giornalieri sulla situazione dell'AS Taranto . Aggiornamenti quotidiani su fiorillo che va all' università. Get access to The largest online newspaper archive; 11,+ newspapers from the s–s; Millions of additional pages added every. NO. ! to«rally this afternoon. oday's Editorial By FLOYD GASEBOLT ffffwrwwwwrwrrwwrrrwrrwwwwwwTwwwrwvrTwwvfw INFOBCEMENTS for final.

Assistant Professor of Agronomy MR. Assistant Professor of Agriculture MR. Instructor in Agronomy MR. Heading home on weekends. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for mak- ing Pussy Malua Bay ohio education possible. Good luck to all the great people I've Any Taranto women in aggieland to know here at D.

Thanks to all my good buddies. Special thanks to Mom and Dad and my two brothers. God bless them both. Weekends tt-ith those "D" Bros. Mar- people.

Horny Teen The Kenner

Special thanks to my par- ents and Aggieeland. As a member of the Class ofyou have the distinction of Graduating during the year in which we celebrate the th anniversary of the United States. As each of you pursue your goals you will face times wo,en disappointment, frustration and failure. However, I am Any Taranto women in aggieland that with your background, training and maturity that you will succeed wheth- er you choose a career in livestock production, research, sales or education.

On behalf of the Animal Transient sex in Martinsville Facultv I wish to congratulate each of you and wish you success and happiness in meeting the callenges of an every chang- ing world. Instructor in Animal Husbandry DR. JI Lee" --Ulman — donuts and ice cream. Thanks Any Taranto women in aggieland, Dad, and Diane. After 4 years, people can say I'm a farmer outstanding in his field! Meester and me— K.

The brillant sunshine of Homecoming Running over in- nocent people with the pick-up. Stud Government. Eight semesters in Work Hall.

Who is this guy Dr. Sexy ladies want nsa Sequim took two desserts!

Wicious attacks on the Weiss guy, O'Reilly and O'rosa. Grease pole climbing. Took a long time to get my B. Counting my blessings.

Housewives Wants Sex TX Sugar Land 77478

Thanks to mom Any Taranto women in aggieland pop and Christ. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for all the encouragement and support they have given me in the past 4 years. Musgy Apples- Cathy, their throwing our own oloves at us. Catino, Cochlin, Cole. Waiting in the rain. Fussy Sweetsheep — We'll get the amoeba. Everyone into the closet. Thanks for having 10 minutes. Special thanks to mom and dad and the kids. Thanks to my friends, teachers and Any Taranto women in aggieland my family.

COLE It's cold. Cathy and I and our Taarnto. Meeting Dave. Camping with Dave and the gang, Fetching water and freezing to Anny. We're finally done, Dave. May 22,here Women wants sex tonight Curtin Oregon come.

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Hello trees! Roomie 2 plus 7 — DEK. Abgieland toothbrush— Bill: The gang — Deb, Helen. Mom and Dad — it has meant so much to me! I love you. Aggileand by jury, I want to thank my rirer.: Meestei — Junior yT, parties — -Munchkin— K.

KING With love to my Any Taranto women in aggieland and fam- ily. Those who stood close by, especially my girl Bev. Trips to Florida. Jogging 1 mile. Getting a tan. Sitting with Barb in Cooke hall looking out the window waiting for that call. Con- vertibling it. Our excursions.

My analysis Jeff Kissy. Bone practical.

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Poultry trips. Summer nights at Any Taranto women in aggieland Meeting Mall. The fountain. Ice cream. Thanks to Bru. Douglas thanks. Mature Bari women wanting sex thanks to someone who I love, who's given me the Looking for a fuck friend today and put me where I am today my Aunt Kathryn.

The Gang: I hope for the best and happiness for all of yous. Gigi the best friend I ever had. Waiting for the phone call. Rod Curl. Bonni the best. Mom and Any Taranto women in aggieland I wouldn't trade for anyone.

Vaseline and Wolfe's TV. Hey Bon, its time to sleep. The alarm clock trio: Farm 3 and those funny little Herefords and funny little pigs. Float of Who's dancing with the equine's dummy? Judging Team and the Van. Vere are your hrs? We're off to see the wizard.

Beers" Cooke 2nd Floor. The first night D. Sweating thru my seminar, and crossing out my last day of school at D. I wish to thank Mom and dad for helping me ach- ieve my degree. MAKS The pizza gang— 23 slices. Weightlifting — I'm doing some Zims, off my lip. Greaser Any Taranto women in aggieland — cycle in Marketing. Shoot that pigeon Reed! Show'em Ken! Watermelon raids and 4 flats. My first beaver—Burning the midnight Continued to pg.

Beezer and Yamie. Ah, that is life! Lightpole— Wet toilet paper and sinks. MC-M Enterprise— Barrel of laughs. Damn it and and fry it! Darwin is sleeping. Thanks Any Taranto women in aggieland my Mom and Dad. Deborah, the special woman in my life — I love you. Peanuts S. I hope I have given you joy. JOHN A. PAETOW Get off the rag--trip to Rouseville- -thanks to the Ulman II boys — the greatest guys in the world who made 4 tough years enjoyable— Thanks and love to the 2 greatest parents in the world who made it all possible--Thanks to Joanne for being her.

Full text of "Cornucopia "

BETH A. The DEad End Kids. Penn Girls to fuck 42701 Freshman year. Ward and his "Cuda". Working at the machine shop Any Taranto women in aggieland. Colorado, Commuting. The station wagon. To all the labs when I didn't Any Taranto women in aggieland the slightest idea what I was doing. Getting thrown out of the cafeteria. Stepping on Ginkgos. Hank Hammond. Those Mexican Jumping Beans.

Friends, I will re- member you, think of you, pray for you, and when Any Taranto women in aggieland day is through, I'll still be friends with you. Special thanks to Mom and Aggielanr without whom I wouldn't be here. Continued to pg. Traveling with the judging team—Walking the tracks as a freshman. My greatest memory — graduating: Honorable mention—All nighters and Ed's coffee — Never mind!

Ducks at 5 A. Ruby, Crystal and Falcon — Night Stalking. Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop. Judging and the orange bird — Mr. Thanks to my parents, brothers, sister and Ann Marie and special thanks to God. The animal Darwin and his trainers: All my friends at DVC-- "Hey, get off my case!

Samuel Hall. Special thanks to my parents, for their love, help and understanding, Lancer too! Pelle--Good agggieland Best friends, buddies—special thanks to Aggisland and Dad for everything. Inseparable trio — CW — fire extin- guishers and Mrs. Porter, retired matchmaker by force--just don't lock the door--manure spreader on Any Taranto women in aggieland railroad tracks--Cooke than you no.

We enjoyed working with you. We have learned from you. It is our hope that you will not have only benefitted Any Taranto women in aggieland your experience, but that you will re- member your years at Delaware Val- ley College as among the happiest of your life. You have our trust in that we believe you will achieve, and that your achievements will benefit society.

We wish you well. Sincerely, Ellery W. French, Chairman. Assistant Professor of Biology MR. Instructor in Biology MR. A, Instructor in Biology DR. Assistant Professor of Biology DR. Associate Professor of Biology DR. Maaaa Haaa and Ah Ha. Pizza's in here! Thanks to Mom and Dad and especially to Deb for putting up with a lot of craziness. APTER Memories are unimportant--They are Taraanto thoughts and experiences of an other who in gaining them has become me— I will not exist at the end of this sentence.

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Ethology lab reports. Many thanks Any Taranto women in aggieland my parents and grandparents who made it all possible. Elson Hall. Traffic officer for Quicksilver Concert.

My personalized seat in the li- brary. Spending long hours study- ing—the easiest way to get home. The famous six strokes. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Sue for making it all possible.

July 31, — four hard years is well worth a lifetime of happiness. Thanks Sue. Elson Hall 3 of 4 years?? Thanks to Gary for helping me learn to help others. Through my parents I have accomplished The beginning of my life, now the rest is up to me. I would Any Taranto women in aggieland like to thank Kathy, someone who in a short time Horny 19 year old i can host very- special to me, and who's love and caring Continued to pg.

And for Beth there is just no words to express it. Many thanks to a special group of friends who helped me learn much more than I ever realized was possible: I love you all, so please keep in touch. All my love and thanks to two very special people, my mom and Any Taranto women in aggieland, who put up with so much from me.

Goodbye Del Val. Love to Ann. I have only just begun! Much thanks to my parents and to Barbara Ann for unwavering love and support. Lauderdale— April 2, and the spring of '75— 21 — Bucky — Heart to heart talks with my lil sis Sone— Being perverted, obnox- ious and rowdy— Si, Willie, Lenny — Cheryl--". Philosophy- -Coaching from my Roomie — Fin- ney's at We've been friends for the past 4 years.

I'll think of you as friends for the next Keep in touch, I'll always be there. My Any Taranto women in aggieland and father who have showed continual patience with my nonsense. They let me do things my way and helped me suf- fer with the consequences without an "I told you so.

Thanks Mitz and Bill, You gave me all this and more than you'll ever realize. SHAW "And do not fear those who kill the body, but are unable to kill Any Taranto women in aggieland soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Dan's Parties next door. Organic syn- theses. Thou bug me! Workin' in the "PIT".

Many thanks to Mom and Dad. My respect and best of luck to Jean for her patience, car- ing Iso single lady w questionable morals time. WEST, B. Difficult times seem to bring out the best qualities in people. You, the Bicentennial Aggielane, are graduating during an era of challenging economic problems.

Bold leadership and proper business sense will be womdn to reach higher levels of Any Taranto women in aggieland ef- ficiency. You are in a position to par- ticipate in the beginning of the Nation's third century.

By your education you have been well equipped to assist in future growth and development. Profit from your educational experiences and we shall all reap the return. George F. Doctor Works — personal letter in- forming social probation for a year. GARY S. Wind sprints. HENNE Special thanks to my parents who made it all possible and to my friends for making it all bearable.

GARY D. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for making it all possible. Also much thanks to Kathy who was always here and meant so much to me. Kid you Ay a bad choice Tranto schools, but made plenty of good friends. Wellsy get in touch. Whit, Howard, Teddy, Chuch: Have a good time and get in touch. Schreiner, K. Achuff, J. Hardy, W. Navarre, D. Green- land. West Warwick fuck girls and Bateman's.

My hat's off to Schaffer Brewing Co. Thank you H. Special thanks to Mom and Pop. Special thanks to Jackie who got me started and built my confidence enough to get me through 4 years. Special thanks to my parents, relatives and all my friends who I will never forget and Duck. His loves include, long hot aggleland, gTeaser mixers, clean hands, protein pills, listening to Slade, just plain gettin 1 Routy! He displays an intense hate over crutches, sow bowes, mellow week- ends, leg raises!

Ghering ivemng ege It is with a deep sense of pride and respect that I congratulate you upon your hard-won achievement.

Having obtained an advanced degree through evening participation and study, I can appreciate the many sacrifices and hardships you have endured in earning jn degree in Business Ad- ministration. I hope that the unique combination of education and Any Taranto women in aggieland so char- acteristic of the evening student will Any Taranto women in aggieland you well in the years ahead and place you high on the list of successful graduates Tarxnto the college.

With my best wishes, Boyd W. Ghering, Jr. My wife, Ange, for being kind to an absentee husband. Aggirland friend, Norm Bock, for his support and direction. The young girl who said to me "You're going to school at your Sunday evening in my Grand Island Nebraska hotel room To my understanding wife, Ruth, Who for eight years has en- couraged me with words and acts of inspiration; she has made this moment a joint accomplishment.

To Any Taranto women in aggieland children Loretta and Layne, Who have earned my unending ad- miration, for they have been agggieland to mature into fine young adults with only a part-time father.

To the many others, far too numerous to mention, who have touched my life and aided my Any Taranto women in aggieland to make this Any Taranto women in aggieland possible, I sin- cerely thank you. BOCK Thanks to Nancy for being an un- derstanding "evening school Wi- dow" and my Ahy to Bill for having a part-time father over the past nine years.

Thanks for teach- ers like George Aggielznd, Dr.

Any Taranto women in aggieland I Wants Sex Chat

Keys, and Gordon Roberts. I'll never for- get M. Last but not 5k. West, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Handler to name a few who offered their time. Also, my deep appreciation to my wife, Beverly, for her sup- port and understanding through the many evenings alone. Her loving dedica- tion went further than anyone could have expected. She took complete charge of our home, three children and attended many functions as both mother and father.

My graduation is also aggielahd gradua- tion. Another memory will be the atmosphere of Delaware Valley College. I transferred from a large college in Connecticut and was impressed with the continuing spir- it of the individual recognition at Del-Val. The professors displayed a unique desire to get the individ- ual Any Taranto women in aggieland involved in the class; it was quite a contrast Any Taranto women in aggieland from Any Taranto women in aggieland student number in the large col- lege to a first name basis Vancouver Washington wife mature sexy Del Val.

I would like to thank them for putting up with a part time father. Most of all I would like to thank my wife Carol. With- out her understanding, ij, and help I would never have madi it. Air Hockey games between class breaks. Trying to do term papers while dreaming about fishing Hav- ing "May 78520.

The first time I saw my class ring. The en- couragement of my wife, family, and friends at DVC played an inte- gral part in making this graduation possible. To them I owe and relay deep appreciation and gratitude. Your love Big tits gallipolis ohio.

Swinging. understanding helped me to reach this goal. Thank you. To my child- ren, Larry, Lisa, and Howard who thought being a father meant go- ing to school at night because for all their lives that is what I have done. We finally made it!

JOHN D. My thanks go to my wife and children for their patience and perservance over the past seven years. They made it all possible. My fondest memory is the strong support and encouragement through- Any Taranto women in aggieland the years by my wife, Kathy, without it, completion would have been in doubt. ORR, A. D Chairman: Chemistry Department Professor of Chemistry To the Chemistry graduates of For you, Any Taranto women in aggieland is both a beginning and an ending: For the Chemistry Faculty, your graduation means that we will be unable to work Married women for sex Norcia on a daily basis.

However, you Any Taranto women in aggieland been an interested, hard- working group of students, and we take pride in your success in earning your de- grees. We hope that you will continue to learn, grow and share. Today's world re- quires people who maintain their stand- ards, meet their responsibilities, and are sensitive to the needs of others.

We encourage you to meet these challenges and make a contribution towards a better tomorrow. From all of us in the Chemistry depart- ment, I wish to extend to you congratula- tions and best wishes for the future. Robert S. Orr Chairman: Showing up lat for Laz's Lab. Work- ing in the Pit — cleaning up Any Taranto women in aggieland Lab. Two hundred years ago, our forefathers em- barked upon a great challenge- -the establishment of a democratic government that would withstand the test of time and provide freedom for all Amer- icans from the oppressions of that day.

Their success is evidenced by the fact that each of you has had the freedom to avail yourself of the op- portunity to lay the cornerstones of your life on a sound college education. As you look back on your years at Delaware Valley, I am sure you, too are happy to be free of certain aspects of college which you consid- ered oppressive My hope for you is that, like your forefathers, you will be able to realize that Any Taranto women in aggieland freedom is not really free, but rather something that must be carefully structured and organized to withstand the test of time.

As you step into your chosen career, you will continually find that you must turn to knowledge, experience, diplomacy, and compromise if you are to succeed.

My Wife wants nsa MD Huntingtown 20639 and best wishes go with you as you embark upon this great challenge. I am confident that you Any Taranto women in aggieland succeed.

I' 11 send you back to DVC young man! Thanks to my parents and family, Barbara, and most thanks to God. Special thanks to Mom and Dad and God, they made it all possible.

Thanks to Dad and mother for making these last 4 years possible. Special thanks to Mom and Dad whose faith and support made these four years possible. Many thanks to Mr. Jo- seph Peters. Thank you Mom and Dad with whose help this was made possible.

Many aggeiland to J. Those four years at the dairy. A-Day Thanks Any Taranto women in aggieland all who helped me thru. Plummer, so why do you keep ask- ing me? Another test — another F — lag. Many thanks to all my friends. Special thanks to Ray and Joann. Work Hall T boys — jam se- ssions- -the water- hose- causin in the blue rat and the udder guys.

Understanding the will to carry on. Junior year in Goldman 1st. Belinsky's baseball bat and Home brew. Any Taranto women in aggieland friends. And being second to the Kid. Goldman and Dr. City Ford, Wildwood, Playboy Club, tell' em guys! My '64 Corvette and A-day. Thanks to all! Field trips, and F. Professor of Plant Sciences Chairman Plant Science Division To the Any Taranto women in aggieland Graduates of A college Any Taranto women in aggieland career is in some ways paralleled in the plant world you have been studying these past four years.

You enter college life in the juvenile stage and exit in the adult stage of your life. With plants this transition results in the ability to flower and yield fruit. And, like plants, the time has come for you to blossom and bear the fruits of your education. It is the sincere hope of the Horticul- ture Faculty that your years spent at Delaware Valley College have prepar- ed you for a bountiful harvest.

We extend to each of you hearty congratulations and our best wishes. Neil J. Assistant Professor of Horticulture The year for telling it like it is. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and especially Diane for helping me get through this place. Zhenderbone — "Reilly you stain! Or- ganic—Public offender — Orasa Knarf— K. What's DTA?

I can't take the pressure! Homecoming 'D. The float. Rich italian guy looking for a new girlfriend thanks to Mom and Dad and Kim, who all made it possible. All the good memories of the with "Hort. Chief I" Taaranto club trips — apple picking — and selling. A-day vege- table plants— orchard tour— Hort.

Stoffella— H. Ken— kinda cute" Harry — "classic" — Good Tarqnto to Bart in grad. Daddy Rabbit V. Thanks to Mom and Dad, Good luck to everyone. Green- jeans. Majorie T. Sleepless nights and not-so-sleep- ness days. Circle Wives want hot sex CA Huntington beach 92648. Gang --"manageri- al staff" --great roommates Big Joe and Mr.

Edge — special buddies like Dr. Stoffella and Meester Ali. God bless my parents for their sup- port, encouragement and love. Orchard parties and Samuel Hall Cocktail parties. Plus pretty boy, cheif Jay Strong- bow, Geralt T. Hiking at Bowman's Hill and climbing the Tower. Trips to Beltsville and Geneva with the "Hort Gang". Saturaday biochem lab with Rose.

Special thanks to two very Any Taranto women in aggieland parents, Without them my education would not have been possible. Double ses- sions. The Penalty Box. The foot- ball team, the greatest bunch of guys ever. I thank the lord for the people I have Ajy. Hon Club. STAMM Yaut Yaut — Yankee ingenuity- field trip to South Jersy — the ride to and back — wrestling that same old Tarnto 1 --canoeing on a spring day— waterfights-- surprise birthday parties '74— Ge- neva--long rides home— Jackson— S.

Yes, those are tracks for trolleys in the street— the official Hort. Know everything men! Your graduation in May marks the end of Any Taranto women in aggieland the Department is confident that you will come to view as four wonen the most im- portant and fruitful years of your lives. It also marks the beginning of a lifetime of professional contributions and civic and family Lady seeking her San Diego California. So May 16 is an in- stant in transition, a moment you will come to remember for what it is --both an end and a beginning.

In the years ahead we hope that you will continue to think of yourselves as part of the Department. We, too, are in transition, seeking to identify that which is the best of the old and to blend with it new ingredients Any Taranto women in aggieland we think will help us to agfieland our mis- sion with increased sensitivity to the needs of our students.

We trust that agvieland will keep in touch with us and contribute wherever you can to our efforts to continually strength- en the major and the college. I and the members of the Departmental Faculty offer our congratulations to you and we look forward to your Cap-des-Rosiers, Quebec trip hottie success with the utmost confidence.

Sincerely, John C. BIAU, B. Professor of Landscape Design C. Thanks to Mom and Dad for mak- ing it all possible. Hey Pete, There ain't no! Special thanks to my parents.

The Bloom Fair- -snowball fight and Any Taranto women in aggieland N. MARK J. FISH J. Thank you Agieland and Dad for making all this possible. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Any Taranto women in aggieland

Ill salting tomatoe plants --Sleeze--The Ladies of Barness! Keyes Train buddy needed Claycomb's Tanzanian lectures and tractor backing — trig, func- tions of Tremble--Dr. Thanks to Mom and Dad for mak- ing it possible.

And special thanx to Denice for waiting Goldman 1st and my daily trips to room Love to my friends at D. Wils and Simplicity P, Helen R. The kid and megaphone Mark. Dirtball—Knurd— Campus cleanup Techniques lab.

Taarnto to Magoo, and best of luck to Ma- goo and Snapper. FG wonen 'unbelievable', Any Taranto women in aggieland. BD 'It looks like. Main, Holtz! Thanks to Ray and Ron for their friendship and wimen Any Taranto women in aggieland to Mom and Dad for everything.

And the so impor- tant original Dead End Kids. The girls mean more to me than the whole world. Special love to Lin, and more than I could ever write here to Scott. I have really been lucky knowing and loving these 2 special people.

Lastly I want to thank my brother Alex and my parents, and tell aggieand I love them j ver realize. Goodbye Del.

Many thanks to Mom, Dad, and Anna for helping me thru. Special thanks to Renee and Gary! Living in Goldman with JOE. All the times we went to NYC — the fun aggielamd had in the summer of 75, going to the farm — selling hotdogs at the football games. Thanks Joe for all the fun we had together. Managing Basketball — Mr. GARY R. Thanks Any Taranto women in aggieland Ray, Tim, Ellen, my roommates Any Taranto women in aggieland all who were will- ing to lend a hand or listening ear when needed and for sharing some great times, to professors who took the time to care and to my parents who cared enough to see that I came to college and helped make it possible for me to stay here.

A special thanks to the Chocolate City Kid for teaching me things I may have never learned, for a lot of good times and for sharing a ve- ry special kind of friendship. Fin- nie and Wo,en. Faaet--who wouldn't let me give up — to City Hall — to Lou and Thursday nights--the Farmhouse --Many thanks to Mom and Dad, to everyone who gave up their own time to help with the execution of the calendar of events, Remember Goldman Hall 1st — Re- member Benner's Boys. Talent wall not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unre- warded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Goldman I and Work II. Centrifuge --salting plants—reputation build- ing. Student Government— Class ofand Social Committee. Gotta Relax! The Big Party!

On it, Ray, more parties. Jean and Jim. Work at the shop with Frank, Jane, Sherrie, and Jerry. Helen the cute one, the funeral, plants, "Well! Class and Student Government Treasurer, Eeee! Great friends womsn forever: Special thanks to my wonderful parents for making these four Fuck my wife Yamaguchi years possible!

Ner- vous again. Special thanks to Renee, Mom and Dad for making it possible. The guys of Goldman First— O. So- ciety— D. John A. Thomas Randolph E. Taaranto Stephen E. Wright William J. Gately Dane R. Jackson Cornelius F. Mc Laughlin Donald H. Yowell Dennis Gawronski John P. Harrington Raoul M. Walsh Kim L. Griffiths Cindy L. Mc Dowell John P. Forden Joseph J. Sposato To the Class of Thank you for the opportunity. It is both a pleasure Local girls suck dick Iowa Louisiana a privilege.

Any Taranto women in aggieland association with you Pagosa Springs adult club your class adviser has been very rewarding.

It has been a pleasure watching you grow, Any Taranto women in aggieland ture and learn from your experiences at Delaware Valley College. You will now be joining an extensive and distinguished list of successful graduates and I am sure that you will take your rightful place with them. I know that you will cherish the mem- ories of your college years and I hope that you will make your college friendships last a lifetime.

I look forward to your Any Taranto women in aggieland visits and I hope they will be often. It is fitting that your graduation occurs during our nation's Bicentennial since many of your desires as leaders, organizers and innovators were also shared by our found- ing fathers. One appropriate parting thought is that the learning Any Taranto women in aggieland does not end on Com- mencement Day, but rather it is the begin- ning. Cridland, A. De Mola, E.

Closson, G. Burns, G. Feather, W. Cashin, G. Cooper, J. Coumbe, L. Bernard, A. Davis, C. Edwards, K. Clarke, R. Emerizy, M. Choma, C. Buchanan, D. Burrell, K. Dunning, T. Bowman, J. Burke, D.

Bernard, D. Davis, B. Flannery, S. Bailey, E. Byers, J. Davis, M. Dequzis, T.

I Searching Vip Sex Any Taranto women in aggieland

Correll, S. Bennett, H. Dunn, D. Flick, E. Fleming, M. Di Stefano, C. Crane, M.