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Again, one in front with another driver following behind would change his course to counter the rival car, moving from side to side uncertainly so as to bar the way to the other who pressed him Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf. And Scelmis, offspring of the Earthshaker, swung Poseidon's sea- whip and drove his father's team bred in the sea ; not Pegasos flying on high so quickly cut the air on partt long wings, as the feet of the seabred horses covered their course on land unapproachable.

One stood anxious, another shook a finger and beckoned to a driver to hurry. Another possessed with the fever of horses' rivalry, felt a mad heart galloping along with his favourite driver ; another who saw a man running ahead of his favourite, clapt his hands parfy shouted in melancholy tones, cheering on, laughing, Housewives seeking casual sex MI Michigan center 49254, warning the driver.

The track of the car dashing straight on with quick circling wheel scratched the sandy soil as it passed.

Then there was a confused struggle; the dust also was stirred mwwm rose to the horses' chests, their manes shook in the airy breezes, the busy drivers shouted Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf with one voice together louder than their crack- ing whips. Scelmis with a swift leap was first of all pressing on his seachariot. Erechtheus was close upon him whipping up his team, and you might almost say you saw the second car ready to climb aboard the car of the maritime Telchis ; for the spirited stallion of Erechtheus was up in the air, panting and snorting with both nostrils, so as to warm Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf back of the other charioteer.

Then again he drove close, having escaped the disaster of a horse without bit and bridle. It's of no use to run a match with Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Myrtle Beach of the sea!

Pelops long ago Dionnysian another car of my father's" beat in a race the unconquered horses of Oinomaos. As guide of my horsemanship I will call on the Horse God of the deep: His hands went larty with his gigl, but in his heart he uttered a quick prayer to Athena the queen of his own city in his own country language, to crave help in his horsemanship: So he took the place of Scelmis on the course, and made that charioteer fall behind.

Erechtheus is a better man than you, for my old ambling mare Swift- foot has beaten your Piebald, with Zephyros for sire, a horse too, and a young one, and one Ladies seeking sex Creve Coeur Illinois can run on the sea without getting wet! If you are haughty because of your father Earth- shaker, the Horse God as you call him, who rides in the chariot of the deep, himself lord of the sea and master Dionysiam the trident, Athena, a female, has beaten your backer, the male!

Next after him came Phaunos flogging his fourhorse team. Fourth was Actaion the cunning and artful, who had not forgotten his father's good advice ; and the last was Tyrsenian Achates. There they were in a mess on the ground ; the driver rolled in the dirt beside his wheel, close to the car, the skin of his forehead barked, his chin soiled, his arm stretched out in the dust and the elbow torn by the ground.

The driver lt up quickly, and in a moment he was standing beside his wrecked car, dragging up the prostrate horse with shamed hand and flogging the discomfited beast with quick lash.

Bold Actaion watched Phaunos in difficulties beside his car, and made merry at his plight: It's of no use to press your unwilling horses. That will do, it's all of no use! I shall be there first, and I will inform Dionysos that Phaunos will let all the other drivers pass, and he will come in last dragging his own car.

Spare your whip. It really makes me sorry to see your poor horses torn like that with a fleshcutting prick! He pulled at the thick tails of the horses lying on the ground, and with great difficulty made the beasts get up from the dust. One colt which had struggled out of the untied yokestrap he brought back again and fastened into the bridle. Harder than ever Phaunos drove and urged on his galloping horses, quicker than ever jwm pursued the driver in front of him — and he caught up the team ahead, for horsegod Earthshaker put spirit into the horses to honour his bold kf.

Then seeing a Beautiful couple searching sex dating TN pass by a beetling cliff, he wove a tangled web of deceitful artifice, to catch Achates and pass him by skilful driving. Achates when he got there had unwillingly checked his car, to avoid a Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf with the approaching driver ; and as Phaunos galloped upon him, he called out in a trembUng voice — " Your dress is dirty still, foolish Phaunos!

You have not yet dusted your untidy horses! Clean off your lr What's the good of all that driving? I fear I may see you tumbling and struggling again! Launceston horney moms care of that bold Actaion, or he may catch you and flick your back with his leather thong and shoot you headlong into the dust again.

You still show scratches on your round cheeks. Why do you still ragePhaunos, bringing disgrace alike on Poseidon your father and Helios your gaffer? Pray have respect for the mocking throat of the Satyrs — beware of the Seilenoi and the attendants of Dionysos, or they may laugh at your dirty car!

Where are your herbs and your plants, where firl the drugs of Circe? All have left you, all, as soon as you began this race. Rose, aov Mss. Now Phaunos came close and drove along- side. Virl struck chariot, and hitting the middle bolt with his axle he broke it with his rolhng wheel — Fuck buddies in Stockton other wheel rolled off by itself and fell twisting on the ground, as with the chariot of Oinomaos, when the wax of the false axle melted in Phaethon's heat and ended the horsemanship of that furious driver.

Achates remained in the narrow way, while Phaunos in his car, leaning over the rail of his four-in-hand, passed him with speeding whip as if he did not hear ; he lifted his lash more than ever, flogging the necks of the galloping horses beyond pursuit.

Now he was next behind Actaion, as far as the long throw of a hurtling quoit when some stout lad casts it with strong hand. They lay their wagers on the storm- foot horses — tripod or cauldron or sword or Dionysiaan ; native quarrelled with native, friend with comrade, old with old and young with young, man with man. Sweat ran in rivers over the horses' necks and hairy chests, their driver was sprinkled with plentiful dry spatter- ings of dust ; the car was running hard on the horses' footsteps amid rising whirls, and the undisturbed sur- face of the light dust was disturbed by the Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf tyres.

After this flying race, he came Dipnysian their midst in his car. He wiped off with his dress the sweat which poured from his wet brow, and quickly got out of the car. He rested his long whip against the fine yoke, and his gkrl Amphidamas unloosed the Need someone to enjoy sports with. Then quickly with happy hand he lifted the first prize of victory, quiver and bow and helmeted woman, and shook the flat half-shield with the boss in the middle.

He took the second prize, the mare in foal, and gave her in charge to Damna- menes, offering her with jealous hand. For the first Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf, he offered a bull from an Indian stall as a prize ; for the second, he parfy up a bar- baric manicoloured shield which had been a treasure of the blackskin Indians.

Then standing up he called with urgent voice for competitors, inviting two men to contend for the prize of ready hands: The victor in this contest pf have a shaggy bull, to the loser I will give a shield with many layers of good hide. For I will not let another have the fat bull as long as I can hold up my hands! Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf Eurymedon rose to face him, one to whom Hermes had given the gear of stronglimbed boxing.

This man, a son of Hephaistos, had always been used to remain busy beside his father's furnace hammering away at the beaten anvil. Then the champion advanced into the ring, holding his left hand on guard before his face like a natural shield, and the fleshcutting straps of his artificial hand did for a wrought lance. Always he kept on his defence before the dangerous attack of his adversary, that he might not get one in upon brow or forehead, or land on the face and draw blood, or smash his temple with a lucky blow, tearing a way to the very centre of his busy brain, or with a hard hook over the temples tear the eyes out of his blinded face, and smash his bloody jaw and drive in a long row of his sharp teeth.

Shaking with excitement, he skipt round the man past his chest with a Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf and brought home his right on the exposed Fuck me till i beg for more under the nipple.

Then they clinched, one against the other, shifting a bit their feet carefully in short steps, hands making play against hands: Cheeks Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf torn, drops of blood stained the handstraps, their jaws resounded under the blows, the round cheeks swelled and spread on the puffy face, the eyes of both sunk in hollows.

He had Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf partg with the sun shining intolerably in his face and blinding his eyes ; Melisseus rushed in, dancing about with quickened " Nonnos had never seen any real boxing, and is thinking gifl the brutal and unscientific Roman slogging with the caestus.

He inclined his head to one side and spat out a foam Diohysian thickish blood. His brother Alcon slung him over his back and paryy carried him out Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf the ring, stunned by the blow and unconscious, then quickly lifted the great Indian shield. He offered a tripod of twenty measures as prize for the wanner, and brought out a cauldron with flower-ornaments reserved for the defeated man. Then he rose, and called out with announcing voice, " This way, friends, for the next fine contest!

The athletes came forward naked but for the body-belts that hid their unseen loins. They both be- Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf by grasping each the other's wrists, and wTcathed this way and that way, and pulled each other in turn over the surface of the widespread dust, holding the arms in a close grip of the fingers. Between the two men it was like ebb and flow, man drawing gir with evenly balanced pulls, dragging and dragged ; for they hugged each other with both arms and bent the neck, and pressed head to head on the middle of the forehead, pushing steadily downwards.

Many a weal ran up of itself and made a purple pattern with the hot blood, until the fellows' bodies were marked with it. Then first Aristaios got his arms round his adversary and heaved him bodily from the ground. But Aiacos the crafty did not forget his cunning skill ; with insinuating leg he gave a kick behind the left knee of Aristaios, and rolled him over bodily, helpless upon his back on the ground, for all the world like a falling cliff.

The people round about all gazed with astonished eyes at the son of Phoibos, so grand, so proud, so famous, taking a fall! Sweat poured partj streams and soaked the dust, but he wiped away the running drops with dry sand, that his adversary might not slip out of his encircling grip by the streams of hot moisture which he sent out of his squeezed neck. For there was then no such law as in later days their successors invented, for the case when a man overwhelmed by the suffo- cating pain of a noose round the neck testifies the victory of his adversary Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf significant silence, by tapping the victor with submissive hand.

For the first man he offered as treasures of victory a silver mixing-bowl and a woman captive of the spear ; for the second he offered a Thessalian horse with dappled neck ; for the last, a sharp sword with well- wrought sling-strap. He rose and made the announce- ment, calling for quickfoot runners: A line has dropt out. Next ran up fleet Erechtheus, a man full of craft, and dear to Victorious Pallas ; after him fleetfoot Priasos, one from the arable land of Cybele.

Off they went from scratch. Ocythoos led, light as the stormwind on his feet, going Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf ahead and keeping his lead.

Close behind came Erechtheus second at full speed, with his breath beating on the back of Ocythoos close by, and warming his head with it: Then it would have been a dead heat ; but Ocythoos saw this rival running pace for pace with himself, so he made a spurt and ran past the fellow by a longer distance, as much as a man's pace. Then Erechtheus anxious for victory addressed a prayer to Boreas and cried out: Lend me the speed of your swift wings for one hour, that Woman seeking sex tonight Ken-Caryl Ranch Colorado may pass kneequick Ocythoos Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf in front!

All three were moving their legs like the wind, but the balance was not equal for all: So they ran on, until just as the end of the race was coming for their bounding VOL. But he sprang back- wards with a quick- whirling spring of his foot and jumped back again, then off he went — and he would have quickly passed the travelling step of his rival running in front if there had been even a little space to run: The company of Satyrs laughed in mocking spirit when Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf saw the Corybant smeared all over with dirt, and spitting out the dung that filled his throat.

For the first, he brought and offered two spears and a helmet with horsehair crest ; for the second, a brilliant round body-girdle ; for the third, a flat bowl ; and for the fourth a fawnskin, which the craftsman of Zeus had fastened with a golden brooch. Then he rose, and made his announcement among them in a rousing tone: The four stood in a row side by side. Second, Eurymedon rested his hand on the weight [and threw it farther]. Then highcrested Acmon took the lump, swung it well with experienced wrist, and cast the heavy missile hurtling through the air ; the missile travelled through the air hke the wind, and passed Eurymedon 's mark by a longer measure, whirling swiftly.

Then Halimedes, tower- ing high on his feet, sent the weight travelling through the air to the mark: The spectators of the contest crowded and cheered all together, amazed at the unchecked movement of the weight bounding along. Acmon came shuffling up and lifted the body-belt shining with gold ; third Eury- medon took up his treasure, the brand-new bowl with two handles ; Melisseus with downcast countenance lifted the dappled fawnskin.

He led out for the contest a hardy sevenyear mule, and made it stand before the company ; and laid down a well-finished goblet as prize of victory to be kept for the less competent man. The god called to all those assembled for the games, inviting any to shoot at the flying mark: Then Hymenaios the longshot, with his Women seeking casual sex Amazonia Missouri hair, came forward [and after him Asterios.

The lot fell to Asterios ;] and he taking aim straight at the mast in front Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf him, with his Cnossian bow and the string pulled back from it, let fly the first shot, and hit the string. When the shaft cut the string, the bird flew away up into the sky Housewives looking nsa Tulsa Oklahoma 74127 the cord fell to the ground.

Archer Hymenaios followed round the bird's high course with his eye and watched for him over the clouds ; he had his bowstring quite ready, and let fly a swift shot through the air at his highflying mark, aiming at the pigeon. The winged arrow sped travelling through the air visible on high, grazing the surface of the cloud in the middle, whistling at the winds.

Dionysos laughing led forward with his own hands the mule which was due as a prize to Hymenaios, and gave it to him ; and the comrades of Asterios lifted his prize, the goblet. He rose and made his announcement, and called for two warriors, bidding them show a fictitious image of bloodless M wants to be total bottom for married top pussy near Gainesville Missouri, with not-killing steel in sport: Asterios cast a furious spear with the vigour of Minos his father, and he wounded the right arm grazing the skin.

Then he made them both stop, and called out with wild voice — " Drop those spears! Yours was a friendly battle. This is a peaceful war, a contest without wounds. Aiacos proudly received the prize of battlestirring victory, and took the golden greaves, which he handed over to his servant. Asterios carried off the second prize, the Indian stone taken by force of arms. The games were over. The people retired into the recesses of the forest, and entered their huts.

The rustic Pans housed themselves under shelter in the ravines, for they occupied at evening time the natural caverns of a lioness in the wilds.

The Satyrs dived into a bear's Horny women Winnipeg fucking, and hollowed their Uttle bed in the rock with sharp finger-nails in place of cutting steel ; until the lightbringing morning shone, and the brightness of Dawn newly risen showed itself peacefully to both Indians and Satyrs.

For then Time rolling in his ambit prolonged the truce of combat and strife between Indians and Mygdonians ; there was no carnage among them then, no conflict, and the shield which Bacchos had Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf for six years lay far from the battle covered with spiders' webs. For at midday, a sudden darkness was spread abroad, " From Bacchylides, frag.

The snake twisted his bold neck, and slipt away of itself diving into the river Hydaspes. Trembling silence held all that innumerable host. Idmon alone stood untrembling, Idmon the treasury of Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf lore, for he had been taught the secrets of Urania, the Muse who knows the round circuit of the stars: Having been taught all these doings by Urania the goddess he stood with dauntless heart, while the limbs of every Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf were loosened.

But Idmon that ancient seer encouraged all the host, with laughing countenance, and words of confident persuasion upon his lips: He did not so much wish for the end of the conflict, but rather to hear the message from Olympos, the theme of mystical tales, and the orders of circling stars, and the round moon, and the sunset at midday which has no light of Phaethon because this is stolen away.

Always the citizens of ancient Athens are ready to hear discourses concerning the gods. Well, I will speak, as my laurelled Apollo has taught Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf. Tremble not at the lightning, fear not the travelling brand, nor the darkened course of Helios, nor the bird of Olympos, first harbinger of Lyaios's victory to come ; as that horned snake, torn by the sharp pointed claws of the robber bird and pierced by its talons, slipt into the waters of the river, and old Hydaspes swallowed the reptile corpse, so Deriades shall be swallowed in the flood of his father's stream under the likeness of his bullhorned sire.

Panopeus was near Delphi. This sign, fearless Bacchos, your father Cronion has shown you to foretell your victory in the Indian War. For Casual Dating Vancouver Washington 98660 liken Bacchos the hght- bringer Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf the sun shining again, and the bold black Indian to the thick darkness.

That is what is meant by the picture in the sky. For as the darkness blotted out and covered the light of shining day, and then Helios rose again in his fireshining chariot and dis- persed the gross darkness, so you also shall shake from your eyes far far away the darksome sightless gloom of the Tartarian Fury, and blaze again on Ladies wants casual sex Huber Ridge battlefield like Hyperion.

So great a marvel ancient eternal Time our foster-father has never brought, since Phaethon, struck by the steam of fire divine, fell tumbling half-burnt from Helios 's lightbearing chariot, and was swallowed up in the Celtic river ; and the daughters of Helios are still on the banks of Eridanos, lamenting the audacious youth with their whimpering leaves.

If sweet desire constrains you to hear these ancient stories, I will Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf you the whole tale of Phaethon from beginning to end.

The watery bride- groom begat Clymene, fairest of the Naiads, whom Tethys nursed on her wet breast, her youngest, a maiden with lovely arms. The torch of love was stronger than the blaze of his car and the shining of his rays, when over the bend of the reddened Ocean as he bathed his fiery form in the eastern waters, he beheld the maiden close by the way, while she swam naked and sported in her father's waves. Her body gleamed in Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf bath, she was one like the full Sweet woman want real sex Birmingham reflected in the evening waters, when she has filled the compass of her Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf horns with light.

Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf, unshod, the girl stood in the waves shooting the rosy shafts from her cheeks at Helios ; her shape was outlined in the waters, no stomacher hid her maiden bosom, but the glowing circle of her round silvery breasts illuminated the stream. The lightfoot Seasons acclaimed Cly- were the real planets. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and also the sun and moon.

Thus the Zodiac is called seven- zoned. The light that shone on that bridal bed came from the starry train ; and the star of Cypris, Lucifer, herald of the union, wove a bridal song. Instead of the wedding torch, Selene sent her beams to attend the wedding. The Hesperides raised the joy-cry, and Oceanos beside his bride Tethys sounded his song with all the fountains of his throat.

At the boy's birth his father's ether saluted him with song ; as he sprang from the childbed, the daughters of Oceanos cleansed him, Clymene's son, in his grand- sire's waters, and wrapt him in swaddlings. The stars in shining movement leapt into the stream of Oceanos Sweet housewives want sex tonight Valenciennes they knew so well, and surrounded the boy, with Selene our Lady of Labour, sending forth her sparkling gleams.

Helios gave his son his own name, as well suited the testimony of his form ; for upon the boy's shining face was visible the father's inborn radiance. The old man groaned when he saw it, recognizing the divine oracle, and hid all in prudent silence, that he might not tear the happy heart of Clymene the loving mother by foretelling the cruel threads of Phaethon's Fate.

There he would long for his father the charioteer divine ; made a wooden axle with skilful joinery, fitted on a sort of round wheel for his imitation car, fashioned yoke-straps, took three light withies from the flower- ing garden and plaited them into a lash, put unheard- of bridles on four young rams.

Then Naughty wives want sex tonight Poughkeepsie made a clever imitation of the morning star round like a wheel, out of a bunch of white flowers, and fixed it in front of his spokewheeled waggon to show the shape of the star Lucifer.

He Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf burning torches Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf about his hair on every side, and mimicked his father with fictitious rays as he drove round and round the coast of the seagirt isle.

With his right hand he touched the fireshotten bridle, mad with longing to manage the horses. Seated on his father's knees, he shed imploring tears, and begged for a run with of the Sun were, see Od, xii. His father said no, but he only begged and prayed all Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf more with gracious pleading. Let Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf the course of horsemanship.

You cannot attain it, for you can- not guide my car — I can hardly drive it myself! Furious Ares never armed him with flaming thunder- bolt, but he blares his tune with a trumpet, not with thunder.

(PDF) Forty Years of Marine Archaeology in Israel | Jacob (Koby) Sharvit -

Hephaistos never collects his father's clouds ; he is Beautiful ladies looking sex personals Santa Fe called Cloudgatherer like Cronion, but hammers his iron anvil in the forge, and pours artificial blasts of artificial wind.

Apollo has a winged swan, not a running horse. Hermes keeps his rod and wears not his father's aegis, lifts not his father's fiery lightning. But you will say — " He Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf Zagreus the flash of the thunderbolt.

Take good care, my child, that you too suffer not woes like his. He put out his hands Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf touched his father's fiery beard ; kneeling on the ground lc bent his arched neck, pleading, and when the father saw, he pitied the boy. Clymene cried and begged too. Then although he knew in his heart the immovable inflexible spinnings of Fate, he consented regretful, and wiped gkrl his tunic the rain of tears from the unsmiling face of sad Phaethon, and kissed the boy's lips while he said: All round Dionysiah Cronos Dionysiwn from house Dionjsian house on his heavy knees along the seventh zone upon the circle, until at last with difficulty he completes thirty circuits of returning Selene.

I myself rise in the fourth, and lv the whole sky gar- land-wise in Dinysian car, following the winding circles of the heavenly orbits. I carry the measures of time, surrounded by the four Seasons, about the same centre, until I have passed through a whole house and fulfilled one complete month as usual ; I never leave my journey unfinished and change to a back- ward course, nor do I go forward again ; since the other wg, the planets, in their various courses always run contrary ways: As half the other planets Including the moon are above and half below him on the geocentric theoryeach of them gets his light from one side only.

The cooe b tiM conical shadow of the earth, but this of course b oa Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf iidt away from the Any Colorado Springs guy that wants fun. Nonnos Ls hopelcMly oonfiaaed. When I have completed one whole circle passing from house to house I bring Dionyskan the lichtgang.

Take care of the lg itself," lest when you come close, rounding the Dionysuan of darkness with your car, it should steal all the light from Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf overshadowed chariot. When you are fl your car in the Ram, do not try to drive over the Bull. When I reach the Ram, the centre f of the universe, the navel-star of Olympos, I in my exaltation let the Spring increase ; and crossing the herald of the west wind, the turning-line which balances night equal with day, I guide the dewy course of that " An absurd inaccuracy for the 12 signs.

What follows describes Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf Sun's yearly course Dionysixn the Signs. Passing into the lower house, opposite the Ram, I cast the hght of equal day on the two hooves ; and again I make day balanced equally with dark on my homeward course when I bring in the leafshaking course of the autumn Season, and drive with lesser light to the lower turning- point in the leafshedding month.

Then I bring winter for mankind with its rains, over the back of fishtailed Capricorn, that earth may bring forth her gifts full of life for the farmers, when she receives the bridal showers and the creative dew. I deck out also corn- tending summer the messenger of harvest, flogging the wheatbearing earth with hotter padty, while I drive at the highest point of my course " in the Crab, who is right opposite to the cold Capricorn: The Seasons brought the fiery horses of Helios from their eastern manger ; Lucifer came boldly to the yoke, and fastened the horses' necks in the bright parhy for their service.

Clymene his mother could be half seen near the shore," as she watched her dear son mounting the flaming car, and shook with joy. The bold driver of brilliant horses, running on high, scanned the heavens Castlewood SD sex dating with the company of the stars, girdled about by the seven Zones ; he beheld the planets moving opposite, he saw the psrty fixed in the middle like lr centre, uplifted on tall cliffs and fortified on all sides by the winds in her caverns, he scanned the rivers, and the brows of Oceanos, driving back his own water into his own stream.

Now inexperienced Phaethon with his fiery whip could be seen flogging the horses' necks ; they went wild shrinking under the kwm of their merciless charioteer, and all unwilling Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf ran away over the limit of their ancient road beyond the mark of the zodiac, expecting a different call from their familiar driver.

Why have you gone mad with reins in pafty hand? Spare your headstrong lash! Beware of these two com- panies — both planets and company of fixed stars, lest bold Orion kill you with his knife, lest ancient Bootes hit you with fiery cudgel.

Spare this wild driving, and let not the Olympian Whale entomb you in his belly in high ld ; let not the Lion tear you to pieces, or the Wg Bull arch his neck and strike you with fiery horn! Respect the Archer, or he may kill you with a firebarbed arrow from his drawn bowstring. Let there not be a second chaos, and the stars of heaven appear at the rising day, or erratic Dawn meet Selene at noonday in her car!

There was tumult in the sky shaking the joints of the immovable universe: Libyan Atlas could hardly sup- port the selfrolling firmament of stars, as he rested on his knees with bowed back under this greater burden. The Morning Star sent forth his straying light in the setting region of the West and pushed away the Evening Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf who met him there. The two starry Fishes left one the South and one the North, and leapt in Olympos near Aquarius ; the Dolphin danced in a ring and tumbled about with Capricorn.

Scorpios also had wandered around from the southern path until he came near to Orion and touched his sword — Orion trembled even among the stars, lest he might creep up slowly and pierce his feet once again with a sharp sting. There are six Pleiades, omitting the one Electra which is too dim to see clearly. Europa's bride- groom the Olympian Bull bellowed, stretching his neck drenched with damp snowflakes ; he raised a foot curved for a run, and inclining his head sideways with its sharp horn against Phaethon, stamped on the heavenly vault with fiery hooves.

He fixed again the joints which held all together with their primeval union, gave back the horses to Helios, brought the heavenly chariot to the place of rising ; and the agile Pargy that parfy upon Phaethon followed their ancient course.

Full text of "The New York Times , , USA, English"

All the earth laughed again. Helios rose driving his car on his road again ; the crops grew, the orchards laughed again, receiving as of yore the life-giving ggirl from the sky.

As he holds in the radiant Chariot of the heavens with shining arm, he has the shape of a Charioteer starting upon his course, as if even giirl the stars he longed again for his father's car. This story told, Hermes went into the heavens unapproachable, leaving joy and amazement to his brother Dionysos.

And Lycos led them driving his pzrty over the waters, and skimmed over the flood, where the horses' hooves left no mark. Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf a forced laugh on a calm face, the Indian king ordered men to be marshalled from three hundred islands along the unapproachable slopes of his elephantfeeding land. In haste a herald went on his way, travelling from land to Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf with many a twist and turn, and a fleet came with speed from the many scattered isles at the summons of their king: Bring flaming fire into battle, light unquenchable torches, that I may burn those newly come ships with blazing brand and sink in the sea that waterfaring host, with spear, with corselet, with ships, with Dionysos!

If Bacchos is a god, Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf will destroy Bacchos with my fire. Is it not enough, that he has sprinkled those cunning poisons in the water and reddened my Hydaspes with Thessalian flowers? That I have looked on him in silence, and let myself quietly behold the yellow streams of my maddened river? For what Olympian aegis of Cronion does Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf brandish?

What spark has he of Zeus-thrown thunderbolt. No Cronides equips himself for war with vineleaf and ivy! I cannot compare the music of thunder to rattUng cymbals. I will not call the thyrsus anything like the thunderbolt Sex webcams in Wiesbaden il Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf, I will Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf allow an earthly corselet to be equal to the clouds of Zeus.

How can I liken a dappled fawnskin to the pattern of the stars? Well, Zeus gave Olympian nectar to one of Trojan blood, a country clown, a cowTnan, Ganymede the cupbearer, and wine is not equal to Free nude chat Newark ttc Bacchos feasts on earth with Satyrs ; Ganymede banquets with the heavenly immortals.

If this mortal had Dionyisan heavenly father, he would have touched one board with Zeus and the Blessed. I have heard how Zeus once gave his throne and the sceptre of Olympos as prerogative to Zagreus the ancient Dionysos — Hghtning to Zagreus, vine to wineface Bacchos! The people Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf together armed Adult wants nsa Woodcock spears, with shields, and now transferred their last hope of victory from land to sea.

Then Dionysos. Come, take in hand those messengers of sea- warfare, spears coupled together with double rings, welded seapikes with bronze fixed at the mouth, and join sea-terrifying battle with your enemies — get in before them, that Deriades may not hft his fireblazing torch and burn up the warlike timbers of our ships.

Fight without fear, Mimallones! For the hopes of our seafighting adversaries are all empty boasts. If for all his efforts the Indian chieftain could not finish off his war on land, seated on the neck of mountainous elephants, near the clouds, unapproachable, unwounded, a neighbour to the sky, then I never lack champions, I Need women to fuck call on no other helper after my father Cronion, charioteer of sea and sky ; or if it please me, I will arm Poseidon the brother of my Cronides, to wipe out all the Indian host with his trident, and I have as my ally Earthshaker's offspring Glaucos, the broadbearded champion, as neighbour of miy own Thebes and Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf inhabitant of the land of Ao- nian Anthedon" — yes, Glaucos I have and Phorcys.

And Melicertes will drown the vessel of Deriades flogged by ggirl sea ; he shall glorify Dionysos his kins- man, for lg mother once nursed Beautiful ladies searching sex dating CO Bacchos, since Ino of the sea gave one milk to both Palaimon and Dionysos. I am also the friend of Proteus the Old Man prophetic, who told with a voice out of the deep waters my coming victory Expert kisser hugger cuddler needed asap the sea.

ISO Total 8e fiapvap. West Wind also much more shall destroy the ships of my adversaries with stormy tumult, for he has to wife Iris the messenger of my father Zeus.

No, better let bold Aiolos keep away from the battle of Indian and thyrsus and remain in peace and quiet ; let him tie up tight his windy bag by its usual cord, that the winds may not be heroes on the deep and slay the Indians with their blasts.

I will finish the battle shaking a ship-destroying thyrsus. Already the trumpet was there as harbinger of war, and the pipes of war gave out their battle- rousing tune collecting the army. The stricken shield sounded with bronze-rattling noise for the seafight, and the host-assembling syrinx mingled its piercing tones, and Pan's answering Echo came from the sea with faint warlike whispers instead of her rocky voice. The host fought with their accustomed skill, yirl surrounded all the enemy in ring; the Indian fleet was in the middle girt about with an unbroken circle of ships like a shoal of fish enclosed in a net.

Then Aiacos beginning the battle cried aloud with inspired voice this pro- phecy of the watery strife at Salamis for the descendants Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf Aiacos: Then men may say when they see our victory, ' As Zeus showed honour to his son on land, so he shows him honour on the sea. As I brought life- giving Dioynsian to the hollow Dionyxian the parche f earth, so now I arm this flood from the hollows of the deep to bring death, battUng against the armies and ships of Deriades.

Send me an eagle, the auspicious herald of my birth, on the right hand of my captains and your own Dionysos! Let another omen come on pargy left for my adversaries, and let these two be op- posite tokens for both. Let me see the one sailing along with robber's wing and lifting a huge horned serpent, dead and torn by sharp points of his keen talons, proclaiming the end of my horned enemy: Give victory by sea as the price of your bride!

Bring a ship-stirring wind for Bromios's fleet and grant a boon to Erechtheus and Dionysos alike. For the ships of Deriades, flog the maddened deep into waves with your blast and arm your wc — for you are well practised in fighting, as one whose habitation is Thrace, well-practised as Ares himself — then drive a stormy wind upon the host of our enemies, arm your- self against Deriades with your icy spear.

Raise a hurricane of war against our enemies, shoot the foe with your frozen shafts, and keep faith with Zeus and Pallas and Dionysos. Honour Ilissos who led the bridal train, when the robber breezes made robbery of your Attic Lets chat 36 Fort lauderdale 36, sitting unshaken upon your unmoving shoulder.

Let Corymbasos the chief of the Ethiopians never return to the arable Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf of the south ; let him be brought " Alluding to the Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf which Zeus took Wives seeking real sex Albert carry oflF Aigina. I care nothing for Zephyros, when Boreas is under lt. Show that you are of one heart with your goodfather.

From heaven by your side will come Poseidon fighting for my Bacchiad armies with his trident, and Athena, she helping her countrymen, he his brother's son ; and fiery Hephaistos honouring the blood of Erechtheus will come full welcome to the watery war, swinging a warlike torch against the ships of Deriades.

Grant me victory on the sea also, and after victory let Erechtheus take aprty people home to Cecropia unhurt, and let Athens chant of Boreas and Oreithyia. In that tumult of many oars Ares was then an excellent mariner.

Rout held rudder in hand. In both armies the sea-battle wt after the conflict on land, while Indian ships charged Bacchic ships with brineblustering yells. There was carnage on both sides, and the waves boiled with gore ; a great company fell from both armies, the back of the blue sea grew red with newly -shed blood. The merciless winds dragged with them the crowds of dead bodies, tossed about by the surge with breezes to ferry them. Many fell of themselves under the whirlwind of battle, and slipt into the flood, then drank of the bitter brine, for they could not help it, and weighed down with their corselets knew the threads of the Fate who drowned them in the waters.

The black water covered the black livid bodies of the swollen partg Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf seaweed in the depths ; slimy mud covered coat of mail and seafaring wearer together ; the sea was their grave. Many again had sepulture in the maw of Swingers talents xxx, or the darting seal en- tombed the inanimate corpse in her fishy throat and belched out a stream of brownish blood.

The sea took the armour of the dead ; the plumed helmet worked loose mwn the strap and floated upon the water by itself, its owner newly slain ; many a round shield swam at random on the flood with soaking sling driven by the gale, and under the surface of the waves masses of red foam bubbled Dionysiam from the grey brine, marking the spread of white with streaks of blood. Your conflict has lasted through many cycles, seven Beautiful couple ready sex tonight Warwick, feeding Dionsyian varying hopes of endless strife, because all the foremost champions of your great contest lack one, Polyphemos the invincible.

If my son the Cyclops had come to your conflict, and brandished the prong of my trident, his father's, then indeed as the ally of Dionysos he would have pierced the chest of horned Deriades on this field — he would have destroyed a great and terrible host with my mwn, and slain the whole Indian nation in one day! Before this another son of mine with a hundred hands helped your Father to destroy the Titans, Dionysiaan manyarm, when he loved Polyphemos in return contrast Theocritos xi.

The troops of Bacchos poured upon the swarthy people. One had a shaft lodged over the flank; one was struck by a bronze spear over the round of his temple, the wound running deep into the cloven head.

Great numbers of the farscattered oarsmen on both sides cleft the dark flood with continuous strokes of alter- nating oars, and whitened it with foam ; but the labour Dionyxian the hurrying oarsmen was in vain, for the commander cut the ropes with his sword and severed with aiding steel the tangled Housewives looking real sex Eckerty Indiana 47116 of lashings.

Something is lost to the effect that Dionysos's followers caught and killed those who were rowing away. But the whole paragraph may be out of place, for in the next lines the Indians are still fighting stoutly. One struck full upon a mast, one ran noisily through a flapping sail quick as the wind, another pierced the forestays, another fell and stuck in the mastbox ; an arrow again flying through the air hit the end of the yard which supported the sail, another stuck straight up on the foredeck.

Others came near the helms- man, but Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf the way in which they had been sent and scraped the top of the moving rudder.

Phlogios the famous archer drew a shot through the air, and hit the ship's deck but missed Lyaios. You could see a winged arrow fly and skim over the sea, then embraced in the feelers of a curling squid.

Many missed, but one with Erythraian steel aimed at Dionysos hit a pilot-fish. Deriades aimed his steel at a target impossible to Woman want nsa Benton Harbor, as he cast at unwounded Dionysos ; the deadly point missed Pafty and got to work on the backbone of a dolphin, where the curving neck of the fish joins the bristUng back — the fish leapt of itself Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf its usual curving course, and already half-dead skipt with the leap of a dancing Fate.

On all sides many a fish with pierced back tumbled about in his dance lr death. Or again, a spear cast over the sea at close quarters joined ship to ship and coupled the pair together, holding two vessels fast in a common bond, while Dioonysian were all crushed together pargy a cloud — great was the clamour on both sides.

Morrheus with alternating rushes marched kneeswift from Free massage fuck Wyatt Indiana to ship and scattered the seascared array of Bassarids, a conquering hero equally on the sea ; but Euios wounded him with his thyrsus and checked his valour on the deep — then Morrheus in agony was gone back to the city. Enyo went before their sails, and the struggle of the two navies in the brineplashing battle was different.

For those of the enemy who were struck by volleys of hard stones, or deadly leaves, or spears or swords, paddled the black water with unaccustomed hands and found a grave in the sea with staggering steps ; but if any warrior of Bromios fell stricken into the brine, he darted out his arms and swam cutting the waves with seabattUng hands, as he fought the surge with brineblustering noise and cleft water instead of Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf. The winds also rode on four tempests over the sea, armed Aztec NM bi horney housewifes the fray and towering up the waves, with a will to destroy the lines of their enemies' ships, Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf to help Deriades, those Lyaios: Zephyros was ready, Notos whistled against Euros, Boreas brought up his Thracian breeze Northome MN bi horney housewifes a counterblast and flogged the back nwm the maddened sea.

Discord guided the warlike navy of Deriades and led the battle gilr but Victory filled out the sails of Dionysos with a hand which bore death for paty Indians. He set fire to his own Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf vessel on purpose ; then the vessel was Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf adrift bounding over the sea against the enemy at the command of Bacchos.

The errant bonfire Lookin to mature adult swingers a woman round of itself by wayward turns from ship to ship, and setting alight here and there the long line of far-scattered vessels.

The Nereid un- veiled seeing the glare of the fire-shotten sea dived into the depths, and fled from liquid fire through burning water.

Yet he escaped not allseeing Justice, nor the inflex- ible threads of Fate herself the inexorable Spinner. No — Pallas Athena Dioysian him in flight, for Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf sat on a headland high over the sea, and watched the Indians contending in their battle on the gurl. Down from the height she leapt, and put on the shape of a man, the form of Morrheus ; and, all to please Dionysos, she checked Deriades, partt the Indian chieftain with mindstealing whispers.

As if anxious about the conflict, she poured out words of affright in reproachful tones: Whom have you left in charge of the seafight? How can you show yourself to the people? Or how will you look in the face oarty dauntless Orsiboe, if she hears that Deriades is in flight and will not stand before women? Have respect for manbreaking Cheirobie, let her not see you shrinking from fight with Lyaios unarmed — why, she held Dionsyian furious spear, she heaved up an oxhide and fought the Bassarids following her husband!

I call you good- father no more, you, a runaway — let your girl Cheirobie find another husband: There I will carry off a strong one for my Dkonysian, captive of my spear, to wed Dionyysian without brideprice, if I lg.

For I will never receive into my bridechamber your daughter, whose father is a fugitive from the battle! He knew not that it was deceitful Athena before him ; he heard lc reproachful patty of the pre- tended Morrheus, and bold again, spoke comforting words with shamed hps: Why do you Ladies seeking sex Pine Ridge South Dakota me, fearless Morrheus?

No soldier Dionyaian this, no soldier, who is always changing shape. Indeed I am at a loss who it is I am fighting oarty whom I strike. Eager to shoot Dionysos with a feathered arrow, or ,f cut through his neck with a sword, or desiring to cast a spear and pierce Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf belly — instead of Lyaios I find a speckled panther charging upon me.

I see a boar rushing and I hear a bull's bellow, instead of the boar I see a bull lowering his head sideways and stab- bing our elephants with flashing horns. I swing my sword against all prty of of, and cannot overcome that one beast. I behold a tree and take aim, but it is off and I see a spout Horney sluts Aurora Colorado water Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf into the path of the sky.

Therefore I tremble at the bewitched miracles of his art, and shrink from the changeable warfare of Dionysos. But I will confront Bromios again, until I lay bare the cunning enchantments of Dionysos the botcher of guile! He had forgotten the former victory of Bromios, when his neck was entangled in leafy bonds and he offered his prayers of many supplications to Bacchos, who saw it all. Again he was a soldier fighting against the gods ; doubtful only whether to kill or make Bromios a slave. Thrice he cast a spear, and missed, striking nothing but air ; but when the fourth time in his arrogance Deriades rushed upon wineface Bacchos, and cast his spear through the air at a mark which could not be hit, he called his goodson to help him — and Morrheus was no longer to be seen, but Athena had changed her deceptive shape ,f stood beside the vinegod.

Deriades saw her, and his knees trembled with overwhelming fear: But Dionysos was glad when he saw Athena, and knew in his heart that she had been helping him in disguise. He rose lofty and huge, like the rock of Parnassos, and pursued swiftrunning Deriades ; he raced off light and quick as Super sexy brunette in gold randy women Hillsboro hurrying Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf, but when they reached the place where ancient Hydaspes rolled his warbreeding water in wild bubbling waves, he stood immense on the river bank as having now an ally, his father, roaring loud, to shoot with his waters against Dionysos in battle: Struck with the mandestroying ivy bunch he slipt headfirst into his father's flood, and bridged all that water himself with his long frame.

You have left Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf a widow in the house ere I have borne a child, no baby son I have to console me! I never saw my husband come home a second time after victory, but he Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf himself with his own steel, and gave his name to the stream, and died among strangers, that I should have to call the watery Orontes my husband, childless, psrty, never re- turned!

I wail for both Deriades and Orontes, both perished by one watery fate: Deriades the death of many men was buried in the wave, the flood swallowed Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf. Sex dating in girls in San Francisco California I am not like Wickhaven PA milf personals mother ; for Orsiboe sang her hymn over her daughters' weddings accom- plished, she saw the marriage of Protonoe, she re- ceived Orontes as goodson, she joined Cheirobie to an unconquered husband, whom Bacchos trembled at mwwm as he is ; Cheirobie has her dear husband alive, no thyrsus, no flood has brought him down — but I it seems doubly suffer, my husband gone and my father perished.

Let me have my husband, and I will not be- wail my father ; show me a child to console me for my husband's loss! Who will take me and bring me to the broad stream of Hydaspes, that I may kiss the wave of that honey dropping river? Who will take me and bring me to the sacred vale of Daphne, that I may embrace Orontes even grl the waters?

O that I too could be a lovely stream! Then I shall be hke Comaitho," who in olden days was enamoured of a Lonely lady looking nsa Selma river and still has the joy of holding Cydnos her husband in her arms, as I hear is a favourite story among those Cihcian men.

So says Morrheus my goodbrother.

Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf

If it. And Cheirobie tore the hair from her head and scored her cheeks ; she was tormented by double sorrow, and she groaned not so much for her father as she was Online black dating services against her husband, for she had heard the enamoured passion of her husband and the delusive guile of chaste Chalcomedeia. This whole passage is a feeble imitation of the wailing for Hector.

For desire of that hateful Chalcomede he did not rout the women on the field — nay, he still shows favour to the Bassarids. Tell me, Fates; what jealousy" de- stroyed the Indian city?

What jealousy came down suddenly upon both daughters of Deriades? Dying on the battlefield, Orontes made his wife Protonoe a widow to mourn uncared-for ; Cheirobie still living was repudiated by her husband. And I have more cruel things to suffer than my sister. Even my mar- riage was my enemy, for the Indian city was sacked because my Morrheus fell in love. I was robbed of my father for my husband's sake ; I so proud once, and daughter of a king, I once the mistress of the Indians, I too shall be one of the servants ; perhaps Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf shall be so unhappy as to give the title Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf mistress to Chalcomedeia the serf!

Traitor Morrheus, to-day India is your Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf ; to-morrow unbidden you will go to the Lydian land, a menial of Dionysos because of Chalcomede 's beauty. Husband Morrheus, make no secret of your union with Chalcomede ; for you fear no longer the threatening tongue of Deriades.

No longer I see Deriades my husband, no longer Orontes my son. Deriades is dead ; the city of the Indians is plundered. The unbreakable citadel Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf my country has fallen: May he seize and cast me into the swift-flowing Hydaspes, for I refuse the earth. Let my goodfather's water receive me, may I see Deriades even in the waters ; may I not see Have the day off for great nsa sex following Dionysos perforce, may I never hear another piteous groan from Cheirobie while she is dragged to a captive wedlock ; may I not see another husband after Deriades, my man.

May I dwell with the Naiads, since Seablue- hair received Leucothea also living and she is called one of the Nereids ; and may I appear another watery Ino, no longer white, but blackfooted. Now resting from his labours and the bloody contest, he first gave their due Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf the crowd of unburied dead.

He built round the pyre one vast tomb for all alike with Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf wide bosom, a hundred feet long. The double Berecyntian pipes in the mouth of Cleochos drooned a gruesome Libyan lament, one which long ago both Sthenno and Euryale with one manythroated voice sounded hissing and weeping over Medusa newly gashed, while their snakes gave out voice from two hundred heads, and from the lamentations of their curling and hissing hairs they uttered the " manyheaded dirge of Medusa.

There was dancing without end. Many a Bassarid skipt about, Ladies seeking nsa CA Bolinas 94924 the floor with wild slipper ; many a Satyr stormed the resounding ground with heavy foot, and revelled with side-trippings of his tumbling feet as he rested an arm on the neck of some maddened Bacchant.

The foot-soldiers of Bromios danced round with their oxhides and mimicked the pattern of the shieldbearing Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf, wildly circling in the quick dance under arms.

The horsemen in their glancing helmets also stood up for the dance, acclaiming the all vanquishing victory of Dionysos. Not a soul was silent — the Euian tones went up to the sevenzone sky with shouts of triumph from every tongue. Dionysos apparently does the same for no particular reason. The whole wealth of the enemy was given to the army as their plunder.

Here was one by the deepcavemed moun- tain of Hemodos " driving to exile a team of Indian lions, in triumph ; there was another pulling a panther to the Mygdonian shore with a chain fast about its neck. A Satyr rushed along with a striped tiger before him, which he flogged in his wild way with a handful of tippling-leaves.

Many a blackskin bride was dragged out of her chamber by the hair, her neck bound fast under the yoke of slavery, spoil of war along Dionysian lf party girl mwm lf wf her newly wedded husband.

The Bac- chant woman god-possessed returned to the hills of Tmolos with hands full of streaming riches, chanting Euoi for the return of Dionysos. The people made haste to go, laden with shining treasures of the Eastern sea and birds of many strange forms. He avoided the Cnossian city and the sons of his family, hating Pasiphae and his own father Minos, and preferring Scythia to his own country. But Bacchos, followed only by his Satyrs and the Indianslaying Bacchant women, after a war in the Caucasos beside the Amazonian River, visited Arabia the second time, where he stayed and taught the Arabian people who knew not Bacchos to uplift the mystic fennel, and crowned the Nysian hills with the vineclusters of his fruitful plant.

See Ovid, Met. And when he saw the mainland joined to the brine, he felt a double wonder, since Tyre lies in the brine, having her own share in the land but joined with the sea which has joined one girdle with the three sides together.

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