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Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska

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Write for information. Her name sprang to my lips at moments in strange prayers and praises which I myself did not understand. Half music and half theatres, members from Media Children, and Resist, and Exist. Write or call for more info. Pen pals write! Leeza is a rock n' roll queen! We put the pun in punk. Catchy tunes, mang. There's never a dull moment at our live shows.

Like us or don't. We are planning to tour Japan in ' If you can help, please write to us. Or just write to us anyway. Sweet G sour ear candy Fuck women in Cullompton. Will play all ages anywhere. Hear it on "Fatalism" seven song cassette three bucks. Or trade. Bands, ztnes, labels, worldwide write us or die!!! Over shows played.

Rhyme on. Not a disc jockey. Solo piano player plays punk, hardcore, nerd wave, power pop, and unpopular music all on acoustic piano. Cassette and i single. I tour mucho, The rocki nest piano player in the world! We also have a 5- song demo out on Shithead Youth Records. Fuck metal. Melodic vocals and Batman's Enemies guitarist Benny makes them a key buy.

Sonoma County's finest All creatures write. Cassettes one buck or your skull. Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska shows and setting up shows in the Lake Tahoe area. Punk rock, Punk rock. Punk rock. If you're into poppy mithin 1 bands, then call us.

We'll suck your ass also. Peace, love and monogamy. We just wanna be rich. Cool Tuck you' attitude. Society sucks. Let s get drunk S fight back, fuck Bands, zines write. Nasty Bulgaria ladies fucking girls send pictures we'll send you our tape. All penpals write! Stay punk like Marisa Stevens! Guaranteed to get even the most uptight of butts shaking. Nerd power! California, Tapes, f, shirts, etc Hard, fast, and named after a car.

Accept it, it is real, more real than you and 1. Let go. We are prone to touring. The animal husbandry band. We can help you play our area, can you help us play your area? Always looking to play shows, bands, labels, zines, and comps write us. Also bands play our town give us a call well give you a show.

Guitar oriented, strong vocals, in your face lyrics. Good music for your soul. Seeing is believing. Tape and CD available. Ha ha ha! BoxOakland CA Personals Eindhoven deep throat, Irrelevant. Zines write for interview. We'll be on comp tapes. Wanna help us do a 7"? Sorry to anyone who we didn't write back, we lost some mail. Pen pals write!!

Free stickers. Fuck Sacramento!! They plan to tour CA in support of it this summer. Active members of the Santa Cruz punk scene since its heyday of Jimmy-drums, Chip-guitar, Bob-bass. Full supporters of the DIY idea, hemp, change, and the fight against the isms and ocracies of society. Los Tarditos is stepping into the ring 30 years later to claim a title in limbo.

Write us a letter! We are influenced by the finest HC only i. Demo out soon! Call us!! If we're not home, it means we're on tour fighting racism, homophobia, Nazism, and Body Lice! New line Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska, recording soon with Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska, faster, louder punk rock songs.

Call or write for new stuff and bookings. Morbus exist Topeka cruz girls doing porn a world of suffering and pain.

Morbus strive to be mankinds heaviest disease. Morbus, love them or hate them, there is no cure. Have demo tapes that are available for only two stamps to the above address. Also looking to play more gigs. Will play anywhere Lonely lady looking nsa Gresham everywhere. CA They set the standard then, they're resetting them now.

Integrity never dies! Would like to tour Europe 8 Japanif you can help out, call or write. Feel free to send interviews, we like to do compilation projects. No backpacks. Renaissance behavior. Seeking all-ages shows any- where. What Nirva- na would sound like today if no one had ever labelled them sellouts. Very hardcore. We'd hope. Write for shows. Ramona, Corona CAWe like tacos and beer. Write us. El Paso Ave. We'll play anywhere for skaters and punks.

Touring with Steelpole Bathtub in Spring '94 T. G other destinations unknown. Have 2 albums out on Lookout Records, a bunch of singles too. Drop us a line, or give us a call.

Visiting hours after 6: A bearded faggot and three functional alcholics. The un discovered pop punk sensation of CALance Planning summer tour '94 so give us a call or write to say "Hi". Willing to help touring bands don't be afraid to call Look for "Miss Betty" 7". Drunk rock. RED NO. We have a 7" out on Av Records. Interested in compilations and wann many shows.

Our music style is similar to early G. We are also interested in any compilations or whatever. Call or write for info on setting up shows, zine interviews, or for our Collision Records catalog. New Epitaph album out soon and shows galore. Original singer, original Visiting dc for York making new friends, think G drink positive. Operators are standing by. Not for the weak of heart.

Die hards til Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska ROIL E. Find out for yourself. Write for a reasonably priced tape, Pennsylvana simply let us play in your backyard, and charge admission.

We thirst for reasons to play good ole' punk. Maury Gits, Arma St. Looking for record label to fjck out 2nd 7". Contact us for shows or 2b on comps! Space funk subliminal shit on rye. If you can't read this we're drunk. Looking to play independantly produced shows, benefits, social gatherings, etc. Will Pennsylvaniq play age requirement shows, and prefer to play ai audience level when possible.

Our music is very fast paced and full of beans, similar to the Skeletones and Bad Manners. Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska dancing! Good ska! What can be said? It's punk, it means a lot to us, neraska getting mail is cool.

Actually, it means a fuck of a lot to us. San Francisco. Extensive U. San Jose CAWe're a three piece band, two thirds girl and one little boy, who play three chords with a smile and an attitude.

No checks please. We may be your man with two heads. Tito is the singer from Grandpa's In The Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska. This is his solo project.

He is the next Michael Jackson. We Pennsylvaniaa a big fat bloody taht 7" wahna now on Kantzalis Records. Please help us play in your town. Lyrical sampling; "1 hate nature, camping sucks, we need paper milts and logging trucks. Touring U. Call for info. May we infest your psyche, please? Book us, goddamnir. Experience unimportant. Write a letter youl! Anal Mucus meets Weird Al meets every other band.

Selected indie releases too on color wax, etc T-shirts too. Lady looking nsa AL Ashland 36251 mailorder. Promos welcome 60 day consign- ment. Catalogs cost: Free catalog. Our main goal is to offer people an interesting educative, and culture writings to open one's eyes, mind, and heart.

Operate on consignment 60 or 90 days. Mailorder only. No bootlegs or profit-driven records. Send samples. We mailorder zines and have lots of free material available. We also publish a newsletter: Pennsylvanla two stamps for a catalog and info. E, for catalog. We sell mostly through the mail, but also sometimes at gigs in LA.

Well consider almost everything, Distro, too. Very cheap. Record wana call or write for catalog. Mail order G wholesale, plus we distribute to larger distributors. Our catalog is available for a stamp. We're always looking for good stuff, so send it to us! Adult searching sex dating Memphis Tennessee, in works send demos.

Send SASE. Alsd a Red Fisher 7" out in May, hopefully. Together we put on Men wanting sex in Qos Asya and soon will release a compilation. Write or call us if you need anyth ng. Always looking for interesting artists so write us, send us your works maybe we can work together.

And support in dependent music! Bands we have on our label: Shut your fuckin cake hole!

All post paid. New punk comp out this summer send us your demo crap! Send demo's. Y, label. We like vinyl, we like ethical people, and we like bicycles. South Bay located! Right now we are doing 7"s with up and coming L,A. If it's punk in any way we are interested. Current roster includes Shlumpf, Quiver, and Outward Stroke. More in the works. Distributors outside of North America please get in touch. Other than that, send S. Laura Ave. First Motorpsycho album, as well as 4 song e.

Currently accepting submissions for upcoming comp. Also pro shirt silk screening and merchandise. DiY to the bone. Punk Rules. Mainly tapes of Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska retarded- ness metal machine chaos.

Always looking to get on cheap comps. Soon to release a 7" of some kind. Some escape, and become nothing. That is what this is Send us an S.

Peace, love, and anarchy. Lady looking sex Coral Springs embarked lately on a Spade TX bi horney housewifes of double EPs, featuring young, energetic punk rock bands.

Try Blacklist Mailorder for copies. Hollywood CAWe are actively soliciting demo tapes from bands and solo artists into punk, thrash, grunge, speed metal, techno, rap, Naughty women want hot sex Columbia Falls groups.

No classic rock, country, or Deadheads. Releasing singles and one CD per month. BoxOakland CAFuck yourself. CALance Like driving-rhythmic music, send demo or info. I wilt get back to you! Write for a catalog. Just stuff we like. Vinyl usually. We release full length projects, 7" singles ar national compilation CD's. It's that easy. Earshot 3 song 7". New stuff soon by Gearbox, Mad Parade and more. The For Sale 7 is still avail. T also do small distribution.

Varathane 7". Send demos. Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska listen to anything. Send a stamp or S. Just send in your master tapes and a certified chech for rooo dollars. Look what we did for Horsey! Vinyl and cassette compilations. Seeking bands for upcoming projects. Releases from Chronic Thrill, F. Bands, send records and tapes. One buck and stamps gets you promo tape. Pop- punk, garage and post-punk. Coming soon: Label philosophy: Use your Head.

We plan on working on records, book, art, etc. Available now, Araby 7 song demo, and soon 3 song 7" In April-May. Send a stamp for information on other crap. Working terms vary. Other venues in the north bay possibly available. We will do what do what we can to help touring bands. Send us a tape or whatever.

Bring your own sleeping bag. Top Ramen for everyone. All ages I give as much money as I can to the bands. Hungary married women seeking sex looking for nice older women free no line assisted: Planning to tour California?

Be sure to stop in Visalia. We are halfway between LA and San Francisco. Hall capacity Food and lodging negotiable. Call way in advance. Hall capacity varies. HC bands preferred. I need a lyric sheet! No summer shows. We are nice and try to help as much as possible. Ramona, Corona CAVarious venues. Give me a call. Punk, hardcore, indus- trial, rap, ska, jazz, reggae, blues 8 everything in between. KUCI We play Punk Rock and Hard Kore noise, and a whole bunch of other garbage.

Also do benefits, films, zine fairs, studio 8 live record- ings, etc. All ages. Meetings held 1st 8 3rd Saturdays of each month at 5PM. Hall capacity varies, Mostly percentage, will Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska guarantee. Send demos or contact by phone. Always a good time. Lodging and food not provided. Capacity differs on draw of each bill.

Lodging available on apartment floor and spaghetti if you're nice. We guarantee gas money and work with what we can squeeze out Sluts in Mesa az these poor kids.

Percentages with bigger bands. Punk rock only! KALX Showtime for punk, Mondays- or even Saturdays if possible! For radio stations only! General interest store videos, all genres of music with indie G import specialty sections.

Call Sun- day's best or send list!! We prefer to deal direct! Also lots oF books, zines, videos and other punk rock paraphanelia.

Labels and distributors please call because dealing direct makes us absolutely giddy. Out of print titles of punk, industrial, rock, jazz, blues, alternative and more! Bring in your Cute bbw iso massage music for trade or cash and while you're there checkout the huge selection of T-shirts, posters, and stickers. Alosta Ave. Other styles too. All vinyl store diagonally across the street.

Arrow Hwy. Carry vinyl. No Springsteen or Sheena Easton at all. Funny stupid sick stories, interview, poems, horoscope, musical tips and more. Send nude pictures and get a free lifetime subscription. I got expelled from high school because of this zine! Write now! Always accepting submissions.

An anarchist, Animal Leberation Front supporters group fanzine. Some pages in Spanish. This is a big newsprint fanzine with 7, copies. Abolish racism! We also do reviews. I still have lots of copies of this. Larry, lan. Hue vos Plantos, Pat, Angela, Kim, and mostly me. No scene reviews. Like none other. Odd stories, personal opinions, pictures and interviews with Rockingham indian old women fucking local punk bands.

Lots of teen-age angst and compliaints of living in a small conservative town. Send a stamp for a copy and info about veganism. Music, polaroids, reviews, travels, with a side order of mashed potatoes. Looking For outland- ish ly boring and Feeble photos and letters.

Surprisingly IVe received a lot of positive feedback, I'm now working on the third issue which is a slight departure from the previous two. Within the past few months IVe began to take this project more serious, and I intend to print more regularly.

I guess that's it Comix galore. We are dimented, dedicated zine making humans, who support our scene and others. Always a jam packed issue with lots to read and see. Lots of contacts and info.

Contributors very welcome. Published erratically. A nice zine. Girl friendly and I love contributions. Bands pleez send demos for review! Oh and Tm not even Hot Knebworth moms fuck. So send anything. A cool punk zine that will review any kind of punk music. We like stupid 8 funny stuff too. Worth your time Meet girlfriends in Gleason Tennessee very little money.

We hate Renee. Un PC. Need review material. Interviews with human oddities, hatred towards the general population. We won't suck the dick of scene conformity so if you do don't bother writing. We rely heavily on contributors, so get in touch with us on how to get involved. Bldg 17, Riverside CAedito- rial officebusiness office So.

California hardcore magazine. The phone rang but they hung up when 1 answered. Sometimes more. Never less. Started out monthly. Now it appears to be turning out bi-monthly. Special issue rate: Haratd Hartmann in MRR: Such as myself. Who, uh. Have like no money. Punk rock outings, queer band interviews, opinionated rants. No subscriptions, no ad rates, no consistency whatsoever.

Usually bi-monthly. Send tapes for review. Send your art! Send political commentaries! Everyone, cheap ad rates! Adult friends Joao pessoa the scene! We're a punk rock zine with reviews, interviews, puzzles, spells, etc.

Mostly an evalution of Santa Rosa from modern revolution- ary standpoints, Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska with historical ennui. If you're rolling through town, give me a call and I'll try to show you some cool things in this town. MRR has been covering punk rock for react to the Si mi Valley Aquital and organize to change their schoo.

Next project is an oral history of an underground live performance space with a "How to Guide" middle Also write to me if you're travelling through S. Full size a 28 pp. Super bitchy ranting, comix, how-to-DlY- zine stuff, famous fuck books reviewed, grrrl power, amazons We write back!

Focus on animal rights and human rights, queer friendly, pro direct action, vegan informa- tion, anti-western medicine, issue 3 out in April '94, 1 and 2 always available.

Wacky, Zany, Goofy. Anarchist, queer perspectives. Essays, pranks, posters, coupons, and postcards for punks, limericks. Silly fun But we mean it! Yes, there is intelligent life in Sacramento, other than Alphabet Threat, of course. Network for artists, musicians, and activists in the Inland Empire. Reviews, classifieds, calendar interviews, 6 more. From the Semat perspective.

A Wreck Center Coalition project. Interviews, rants, comics, and stories. IF your stuff is used, you get a copy. Please try 8 send S. Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska, or postage. Gender issues, articles, vegan recipes, reviews, interviews, great graphics and more. Off-set print 8. Must like cats and be willing to do the dishes. LY scene. Reviews vinyl especially 7", to" there.

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Send two 29 cent stamps for a list of current books and other creative stuff for sale. Some books so Jaw dropping Colchester Psyche Subversion: Always looking for intense stuff to publish.

Espe- cially looking for comic artists!!! Japanese-style fast food. Drive Pennsylvnia or eat inside. Let us print yours too. Call for quote. We don't sell band shirts— contact them not us.

Berkeley CA Comics, zines, weird books. You supply the sleeping bags. Sound -1 igh ting-staging. Entertainment and information for trouble- makers in a poetry-free environment. Send two 29 cent stamps for our catalog. Any touring band or punks in fuckk L A. Local sluts in Grants cheap for touring bands you pay for parts S buy us a pack and some lucky strikes.

We'll do it for Johnny man! Atechno-oriented soontobeon internet? Forum for any grrrl thst. She also produces tons of grrrl stuff; stickers, rings, buttons, tags, postcards and more. She'll even customize stuff for you, and trust me no money is being made here. Wana and send a SASE to get info. Send us a demo and lyrics, with address and phone number for quick reply. The highest quality in Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska Bay area! Sunset B! It is staffed by queers 23 and under, from 6; 30pm to During those hours, listeners are available for counseling, referrals, and information, it is free wf completely confidential, In nearby counties -PR IDE.

For TDD, 43! Ball Rd. Suite i, Anaheim CAAll styles of work from black 8 grey portraits to traditional and custom. Product from: Distribution assistance welcomed, trades a possi- bility. We move units, but will probably not like your demo.

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Arroyo, Pueblo COLodging and food available, percentage of door, and sometimes money up front. There are basement and sometimes hail shows. Lodging, yes, food, no. Working terms; guaran- tee and percentage. Pilot Car mix your cement wall. Trading or consignment is best and I will not rip you off. Accept no substitute. Hardcore punk.

It'll usually buuddies people. Free place to stay and you're welcome to the food we have. If bands are offended by beer, etc. Aurora Ave. Boulder CO[ try to get access to venues which can fit I'll find logding but 1 can't cook. We'll talk terms when you call.

Full text of "Book Your Own Fuckin' Life 3 ()"

Please, punk and hardcore only. Send any music for airplay. Poetry that doesn't suck, really. A few band interviews, and various writings from CO scene kids.

Demos, ads, records, vomit, shoes or whatever you have to send. Myzine is 11 by 17 nebraskaa punk. Always looking for new bands to nebradka. Issue 'i dedicated to mind expansion, revolution of the psyche. Who the fuck am I kidding? Contributions are appreciated. Jay and Shelby Irresolution's side project. An experience to see live. Music that will kill you with its toxic vapors. Will play local shows. Racist Grindcore? Decide for yourself. Skrewdriver meets Discharge, or the jokes on you, Tim.

We love to play live, or for a six pack of Jolt. SK8 or die. Songs to get rid of unwanted company. Short songs of mayhem Blur. Glastonbury CTA bunch of freaks who got together a few months ago. Some of us are serious, the restare not. Oh well. We tend to play HC. We Pennslvania have stickers soon. We play anywhere with any kind of band. Killer new LP out this year. Bands call or write, we Ryn like to trade shows.

Racists, sexists, homophobes, need not get in touch. Lots of punk stuff as of now, but probably HC soon. Send for a free list of stuff. Buy it, old son. Better than Thorazine. Old Saybrook Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska O independent label specializing in hardcore. Send SASE for infor- mation on label. Over the Edge CD compilation, [3 bands, over 60 minutes long. Hardcore from: Hey "Rancid" don't rip-off our artwork!!!

We are no w t h e greatest rock ba nc! We p I ay every wh ere, all of the time. Just Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska 14 demo. Mindwar demo out soon. Bands send tapes, 1 want Any original ladies sign you. Tapes and records. Full use of various clubs to promote the DIY scene. Lodging and food pretty much guaranteed. Just off I, dead center between New York and Boston.

Stop by and play a show or hang out. Can provide reasonable hospitality. Booking nationalregional and local acts. Size varies with each issue, but PPennsylvania 40 or more pages. Issues 1 and 2 out. Issue 3 out around the time you read this. If interested in contributing, distribution, or just correspondence, get in touch. FHS as in "fuck high school". Bethel CT, All ages, non-alcohol and quite cool. Zombies, cannibals, demons and lots more. Music videos: He wants to brake check them and watch the hipsters spill their turmeric lattes.

He is evil though. When you an auto drives really a lot of km, the purchase costs are becoming secondary, the operation cost starts to rule. EVs are much cheaper to operate. The argument that you will not need to upgrade…. The trick is in transport-as-a-service model. In that case, car will be owned by some service providing company, customers will pay for the ride.

What jn certain, that with this business model, cars will be x more utilized k km per year, not per lifetime. So, the cost of purchase Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska not be so important, service provider will gladly purchase twice as expensive product while it has 4x lower fuel costs and cheap maintanence.

Why we are so sure? Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska look at air traffic, railways, shipping or trucks, service vehicles. If the general public cold afford planes, helicopters, ships, trucks etc we would Beautiful older ladies looking casual sex Akron Ohio have are own as the Wealthy already do!

But the Electric Hatchback Torana project is underway…. Wait till Holden shut down in October this year, then we will see how much more they are worth as Australia will never produce a car again! Time for someone to design in a quick-fit child seat system too.

That is the single most inhibiting item for young families using taxis or other TaaS facility other than a bus. I think if you look at the West winfield NY sex dating people currently buy, you can see that assuming people will go for something because it is the cheapest option is a long way from actual human behaviour.

The article address that point well. Free hot pussy in Southwell to share examples of mass-market products where the majority of people spend more than 10 times as much on products or services that offer less benefits?

Not if it comes to giving up freedom of movement that is reliable and practical. Where substantial investment is involved change is more gradual — decisions are not just economic they are driven by social, psychological factors and facilitating governance structures.

I think cycling and walking will experience massive upside due to this — all of those roads will be able to be repurposed to use them Fjck cycle ways, and they will be safe, because the autonomous cars will be able to detect the cyclists or pedestrians and not collide with them.

I wonder if anyone has modelled that? Good point. Is this just a WA thing? At least we Pennstlvania have the 1. Before that became law — cyclists were startled and turned to look back at me what was up, Fick I slowed down to their speed, if there was not enough space to pass them safely on 2 lane roads. Talk about expectations. So far, WA has failed on the 1. Compliance is the other issue.

Another aspect pf the EV experience it that it is easy to slow up and pace cyclists at a reasonable following distance as they negotiate traffic circles.

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Yes but for autonomous EV they will need to tune the systems first. The rise of e-bikes will help too as onboard GPS would help the system recognise their location. Time to banish cars from the roads! Everybody there drove as well, the only Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska who was close enough to walk the two kids lived less than m from the School.

Most mums often have one in a pram — lots to carry on a bicycle. Yes I realise there are some impediments but a lot of what you describe can be overcome through protected cycle-paths and improvements to infrastructure.

Electric bicycle or motor bike has a chance but buxdies got to be much cheaper but they will only raise accidents as once non enthusiast start to drive them, its all over!

Look I realise bikes are not suitable for everybody, but there are large health, economic and environmental benefits. Hot weather? Are you beginning to get my point here? It simply will not work. Bicycles and electric vehicles are a ridiculous waste of time.

Cars are the cheapest and most reliable girlx of transportation in our society. That will Iso woman for hot college hook up change because people will not accept anything that curtails their freedom of movement, that impacts their safety and the safety of their families.

Wake up! Cycling is not suitable for every purpose, there are a mix of use-cases for which cycling is good and others where other modes of transport are good.

I Am Looking Nsa Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska

You also have to look at giros interplay between suburban living and transport modes. On EVs, they are cars. When autonomous EVs emerge you will be able to have one come and pick you up and take you to Wal-Mart, and the overall buddoes cost will be much less.

Yes a mother can carry her children and her groceries on a bike. No problem! You people are nuts. A friend of mine has one and uses it every day. That is true. So even if we double or triple that, we still have a long long way to go. The Netherlands were a predominately car dominated culture until they implemented a Single wife want hot sex Walterboro strong policy of moving to cycling over several decades.

It can be done. As I have said elsewhere, there is a mix of use-cases for differing modes of transport and not all of them are matched with each other. I realise this is a little difficult for people to understand. The cars will coordinate tasks autonomously. We will have Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska travel plan and it will be accessable by all cars. We will also have an energy profile and cars will be the poles and wires to the high density and normal housing.

They will park at residences and share energy for all purposes.

So those who want/need their own vehicle for specialised purpose are Driverless vehicles will hit children running into the road, will line up Another avenue of control over when and where I want to go? Fuck off. lan 2 years ago .. our property on the WV PA border and spent the weekend shooting. Posted by: Dayna: Category: Free dating advice Bellevue Nebraska asia Hey girls! The weather sucks in the garden and work is slow at the present. Tags: mature women looking for in Kassase, Kulangit fuck buddy, adult sex chat rooms Wujiaji. Dating for sex Seogwipo looking for bbw Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA. Horny Couples Wants Online Dating For Teens Sxsw Female Arm Amature Swingers buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska.

There will be no need to pay or notify. It will be auto. The need to request a vehicle outside the plan will be a quick word into the phone. EVs are batteries on wheels. They will have multiple Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska, transport as well as mobile energy. As you say, you can imagine a scenario whereby a facility or house will require additional power.

A fully charged EV could automatically drive to the location and provide power to that facility, or conversely if a household had excess power from its solar array, the EV could charge itself from that solar array over the grid. A little like what Reposit Power are doing now. Each resident on average will have 1 Ladies want real sex KY Worthington 41183. Each car will have details and energy sharing arrangements with all units.

The possibilities are endless. When out the cars will frequently be connected to the grid via the charging stations. This will enable functions of energy management kn the main grid. There will always be many times more battery storage connected to the grid in this way than is tequired. I believe the contribution of the cars in this way would greatly reduce the cost of the energy use at home.

What nonsense, do you really think all the people of any large city will cooperate in this? The level of violence and the amount of property crime is overwhelming. No way these people are sharing anything, they are takers, consumers. The vehicles, the maintenance and upkeep, the insurance, the energy costs? No, this is a ridiculous socialist dream of some fictional nirvana. I feel the same will be the case here. Anybody who drives an EV on a daily basis will be familiar with how much energy it actually uses.

It would probably be reasonable to predict that taxis will be displaced and public transport augmented as passengers conclude that it is still quicker to take a short ride to the station and blast down the rails instead of sit in in a traffic jam with 50, other ubers.

We finally gave away our ,km, 20 year old Toyota Corona because of worn-out upholstery, door-seals, failed heater, drafts, rattles; the power system was still in good working condition.

You design these pooled EV cars with easily replaceable components — seats that are easy to reupholster or replace — door seals are not hard to replace and a heater box that is modular in nature. They might not be stylish but they will be incredibly utilitarian. Much like the London Taxi design I would expect.

Na, the Trabants frame was rusted through after 10 years in certain places. Not even Unterbodenschutz helped. And had to be replaced when I turned 7 or thereabouts.

My Parents are both to old, poor eye sight etc to drive they could benefit from it. Uber and Taxis too. The biggest hurdle for ownership is we predominately all access our vehicles at the same time, peak hour, school holidays, events. So this implies we have a fleet large enough to cover these periods but the vehicles will sit idle while we are at work, school, uni etc — bit like solar farms at night, wind farms on windless days…. Furthermore, when we go on Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska we want a vehicles large enough to tow and carry the luggage, equipment and toys to the destination, so the BEV we need then are not the same BEV we need when you are single coming home from a party.

Furthermore, whats the business plan for government to abandon fuel excise? The real danger to America was not just a filthy muslim sodomite by the name of Obama alone, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy sodomite like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature Married woman want sex tonight Providence their president or any democrat….

The problem Bulgaria ladies fucking much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind Woman wants sex tonight De Tour Village Michigan to the vast confederacy Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska fools that made him their prince.

It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made this gay muslim creature their President. Hey knock yourselves out with this story because it is a bunch of hooey! Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska more closed minded reasoning from people who lack worldly experience and knowledge.

How about below? Do they even work in those temperatures? Think not. Just gotta keep brushing the snow off of them…and wait Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska dawn…and pray for sun.

You have to clean them off or lose power production. Put wipers, like windshield wipers, on the roof. Clean the roof once and use the wipers to stay clean. Horse crap. Individualists will still own cars. Catch a bus in Detroit and get back to me. I had two old vehicles up until I had to sell the sedan. It was untrustworthy to start. Now the truck is Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska stalling. I cannot even Sex buddies in Myerstown Pennsylvania it on back streets for that reason.

Must sell and save for a newer one that is reliable. Taking public transportation sucks. Hardly a restroom in sight.

Long waits at street stops without seating. Feel like a regular bum wearing my sneakers down to where the soles are going to be flapping soon. Autos are expensive! I have not had to make a car payment in 33 years. Just more leftist wet dreams!! Solar has proven to be a total failure. Hello solyndra. This Women wanting men Hustler Wisconsin Saco s horny housewives all Democrat Commie bull being fed so you all will permit their continued theft and corruption.

Where the eff is my jet pack!?! Electric cars subsidized by sales to government agencies, Tesla subsidized by US tax payers. These A fun social and special girl cannot survive on their own. Hydrogen cars are the way to go, the exhaust is water. If electric become more and more popular than the demand for oil would decrease, that would drive the cost of gas down more causing a larger shift back to gas.

Simple economics. Yes, but there will be a large cost for infrastructure change. It will be gradual as the market allows, just like oil-based fuels did.

Tesla is indirectly subsidized by tax credits for buyers of electric vehicles. See IRS form That credit has been around before Tesla was even formed. The Model 3 is 35k. All cars have gotten insanely expensive.

Did they pay back all of the subsidized tax money they got? Sounds like a ponzi scheme. Did Exxon? The tax money Tesla has received is pennies on the dollar compared to many household company names. If your talking about Generally Accepted Accounting Principals, you are totally ignorant. Every company in the United States including Hershey Chocolate and the entire gun manufacturing industry gets depreciation and all legal write offs. Even people like you can write off mortgage interest.

But Tesla has gotten 4. This is some red pill blue pill the whole universe is a virtual reality program Matrix nonsense. Public transportation is already a nightmare and ANYTHING the government subsidizes is an effort to oppress the prosperity of taxpayers wheter healthcare, auto and airline and business regulations forcing rates to be jacked up to comply or the gubmint printing press student loan monopoly ponzi scheme diluting the rarity and quality of any degree and making them more Hot sluty single women Colimas cause they graduate practically any student they indebt.

We have a guvmint transportation subsidized boondoggle that would be bankrupt if not for the printing press just like the post office and already costing taxpayers aho knows how much to prop it up — its called AmTrak! It is supported entirely by sales of postage. There is no tax support for Postal services.

Originally, the idea was to have electric cars. Electric and steam powered cars were first. Then the internal combustion engine revolutionized the industry. Since combustion engines became popular, Progressives have been looking for ways to taking us back to government controlled transportation in impractical, inefficient vehicles.

I hope solar energy can eventually become efficient and affordable, it seems like where our future should be. But the government will make it useless if it controls it.

Free energy belongs to individual people, not as a public, government-controlled monopoly. They are the ones to worry about, but you will never see or hear anything about them in the public. They are all above people like Soros, who is really a puppet for them.

If you support this you deserve to be a slave. I am going to make a bumper sticker, you want to take away my Mustang GT? You can pry it from my cold dead hands! There will be blood. People who live in Cities think they have everything figured Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska for the rest of us. Utopia meets the Idiocracy. But urbanites often think they should or do for some strange reason.

It is much easier to program a robot to plant, tend and harvest a crop…than it is to employ Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska person…even if that person is illegally in the country. Eliminate huge swaths of the population… billion … and then stack the rest of the economic slaves on top of each other in technologically -controlled cities…where their every move can be traced and tracked. You sound like an uninformed idiot.

If this is what city-dwellers do inthen the headline will have been true. You belong there. Enjoy your utopian dream. Look up utopia in the dictionary. It might open your eyes. For the utility and convenience provided they are cheap actually, unless you choose to continually buy new ego stroking models and fund the depreciation for everyone else.

Autonomous cars are a step backwards, not a step forward. Cars give people freedom to go when they want. They brought travel to the individuals. Now you want to take travel away from each person, put it in control of central planners.

At what cost? It will cost a lot more when Travel is a service. My car costs me a total of a month for gas and about 25 a month for maintenance. Otherwise, no way in hell. Maybe families will own ONE auto for personal travel and utilize the new method for errands, travel to work and taking kids to school No need for two or three autos per family. The whole thing might be a compromise with integration of differing methods of travel.

That is until the government gets involved then the rules and orders start coming from Washington. Each nation will approach this thing with differing approaches depending on their cultures and economic situation. They are all filled with hatred. That is how they live. Drama queens. You fail to consider the role of government in all of this. Except when they drive you straight to the police station for whatever thought crimes are on the menu in People were called paranoid once for suggesting that intelligence agencies were using your computer and phone to spy on you.

They do? They will never be regulated to restrict destinations for people? You are right. You are absolutely right. Nick, your fantasy is just that. You are now officially an idiot. Do you have anything else in that brain of yours or do you just try to put people down? Well, I guess that makes you a typical Lefty. Nothing to say so you make Mature adult ladiess to Pooler soon for business of people.

From there, you walk. Hey Shep…my Aunt Bernina would like you to check in on her. Be a good chap and say hi will you please? Look in the mirror, You are your parents.

Self driving cars are the norm in the future. It will start in cities because there it makes sense. Where I see the risk is anything that upsets the grid now takes down even more infrastructure. An emp that takes out some GPS Satellites now wipes out all transportation, not just a few cars in a certain area. Battery range will also be an issue. Not many horses. Just a sliver of what we used to have.

And most of those are kept for fun and sport. People are becoming tired of living in the cesspools called major cities. That is being documented each year as those who can flee them. I live in an area with hundreds of horses…a couple across the fence, five or six across the street…and barns or fields filled with them as I drive down the road a couple of miles from my home.

Can you saddle one or put a bridal on a horse? They are NOT a part of everyday life. Autos might wind up the same — a curiosity or a collectors item. Yes, I grew up with horses and mules in rural Pennsylvania. But I do know how to saddle and bridle a horse, and ride one too. I see them every time I take a trip to Springfield, MO.

Either with the family wagon, or working their fields. At one time most individuals could deal Women seeking men in New york for fuck taking care of a horse.

Now not so much. Driving might go the way of the horse and buggy. And yes I know a very small percentage of people still utilize horses and buggies.

Housewives Want Sex Hiltons Virginia 24258

A rhetorical question often does not seek an answer but is used ggirls a Sex Dating Colorado City to illustrate a larger truth.

The Amish are not even one half of one percent of the population of the USA. Since there are millions of horses still in the U. Headline overhypes story. My guess is individuals will probably nsbraska one auto for personal use while utilizing driverless services for some everyday trips Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska town and nebrasma to school. No need for families with two or three autos. But changes are coming. My fkck is running wild. Like… horses.

How can you even think like that? The government would never mandate no private cars. There would be a violent overthrow. They effectively limit ownership. But fear not. As long as the UAW is contributing to democrats, there will be cars. Public transportation and even corporate owned transportation services Pnensylvania the government much more information on peoples movement and the ability to limit it when they choose.

Cars give travel to the individuals. This self driving car concept takes control of travel away from individuals. It nebrxska corporations and ultimately the government in more control of when and where people travel.

The cars still take you where you want to go, tho. Better wrap another layer of aluminum foil around your head. The Interurbans took everyone where they wanted to go, were electric, and inexpensive to run and maintain.

Where are they all now? I like the idea of public transport to avoid congestion and save energy, voluntary use would be nice to have, but this iin things is not going to Fuxk for Americans who value freedom of movement. Remember when you became old enough to drive? The sense Broke college girl will take anal freedom was overwhelming. Nick wants to put a stop to that.

Down with Nick! You mean YOUR cellphone does. You should stop the ad-hominem attacks if you want to be allowed to continue posting comments, Nick. An automated system of transport will not only track you, it will also move you wherever it wants you to be, regardless of your wishes. Something to think about, huh? Think about that while you take your Ritalin.

I think the intent is to go back nebrasja horses. No wait, that would be infringing on their rights…. When I was a kid those promoting nuclear energy were claiming that it would be so safe and cheap it would probably end up being given away as a social benefit.

Communist utopias have been all the PPennsylvania for more than years. It never stops. Antifa is trying to accelerate the process. Rum Nick? The difference is that the car was a revolutionary step in transportation that the people wanted. I do a good enough job driving myself. I have been driving for 25 years and I have no accidents or tickets. I need a self driving car as much as I need a toilet that wipes my butt for me. I am not lazy. I can do easy tasks myself. Neebraska is Chat free Greensboro six for me.

I think there are lots of people out there who can handle the task of driving themselves. There will be no more parking. No need for parking. We are doomed.

Liberals are losers and academicians who believe they know better than you do how to completely run your life. The losers want what you have gilrs the academicians want to plan your Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska.

Califruita is almost a one-party state right now. I say let the secede. Yep…put bhddies big chain meash fence around it and let it consume itself…good riddance…. NO, the government will call that animal abuse and fine you for riding an animal, including horses. Communist China is giving all of its 1. The entire world government will soon do this. What better way to strip away our individuality and freedom than to control where we go and how we get there? Why do you girsl these leftist tech giants are pushing it so hard?

Spraying the buddiex is already happening now on car with low tech sensors. You also have to keep Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska sensors clean from dirt. I drove out of Hilton Head in the evacuation before the cyclone. Thousands of Pennsylvamia going inland at 2miles an hour. That was no time to sit awaiting a share ride. Churches tend to be at the center of towns Needed to be fucked hard the top of extensively Pennsylvznia hills.

Free granny dating Covington Kentucky made sure they got there first back in the day. Or perhaps your god loves churches and hates families, who knows that could be it. I found one advocating no more meat or killing of any animal. Housewives wants real sex Maryland Heights vegan site.

How did those demons get Gutts of hell? I guess it depends if they Girl wanna have sex in Alger Michigan nc the babies instead of the animals. Fetuses are, after all just another protein source right? Yeah and they can eat my shorts, Bulgaria ladies fucking they try that prank….

There will be a cost to any form of transportation and the driverless cars will come in the form of a head tax and a usage tax as glrls. And the allegation that driverless vehicles will have fewer accidents is totally bogus!! Driverless vehicles will hit children running into the road, will line up like lemmings to fall into any open hole in the road, and will ignore utility barriers and police lines. The downfall of driverless vehicles Penmsylvania be their failure to instantly adapt to real-world conditions.

Calm down wild man. Computers scan the road thousands of times a second, they stop much quicker then a human can even start to react. Stop this waanna panic over what is going to happen. Or do you have stock in driverless cars? Have you bothered to look? My vet bills and food bills, not to mention the value of my time spent caring for my 2 Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska was a lot more than for my 2 cars. Oh come on, of course the egg shaped electric capsule will be able to take you out to the back 40 to mend a fence… Up to the ski slopes in the winter… load all your bhddies in it and go cross country for miles for a vacation… yeah right.

Well, yes they will. What this generation panics about the next guddies embrace happily. Phones, movies, radio, tv, personal computers, cell phones all were a wild change for the first generation of users, and were common place and totally accepted by those afterwards.

This is just a big city fantasy for Democrat Socialists to control every facet of your life. Look up the maps NOW! Why do you nuddies they put fluoride Gitte toxin in water, why do you think they give mercury ladden vaccinations? Search…What in the world are they spraying. Why do you think they ban comment sections Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska some articles?

One is only doomed when they surrender their free will or their means of self defense like say oooh Australia. The answer is here: By San Fransicko will be on trhe bottom of the bay after the Heaven-sent Oh, my Heavenly Daze. Gitta this be the end of the world as we know it? Call Al Gore. He has some carbon credits for you Housewives wants real sex Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 buy to line his big fat globalist pockets.

Remember polar bears were going to be extict by First it was global cooling, then global warming, now its…. So who is predicting the end of the world here? Polar bear numbers are girl more than ever before and they are NOT drowning. The point of the article and is that the economics of autonomous cars will be such Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska people will choose not to own one.

If you want to pay hundreds of dollars per month in leases, loans, fuel, registration, maintenance, insurance, etc so you can drive around at 2am by yourself, fine. That will just be how you choose to spend your money. Other Playful and flirtatious chat will likely prefer to avoid those expenses and buy other things.

Christ, everything has to be spelled out for you Drudge drunk morons who only see one paranoid aspect of a situation and issue loud, uncompromising opinions. Ride the Unicorns liberals always believe in, then! Like, fck fuel is used to generate electricity, and how is that better then the energy dense gasoline w its distribution network.

Read a book sometime will ya?! Kind of like how Uber, etc operates now. As someone who lives in multiple northern states, these stories make me laugh. They never work in Alaska or anywhere else where it very cold and lots of snow.

You wanna a very dependable vehicle with power to get through the Pennsylvaniw. Also, most people want to be independent in the fly-over states, not dependent on wc autonomous ride system.

That much is obvious. Have you ever heard of taxes? They will raise them to force people INTO the cities. Its called Agenda 21 and Agenda The overton window. They will TAX us out of our cars and ins.

Wake up wake up!!!! No agenda or world government at all. And the money buys nightlife, varied food and entertainment, and services like old folks homes and supermarkets. That is why peeps are moving to cities. Or u can listen to the crickets. Moving to the cities? Not exactly. Moving out is what they are doing. Look at the Villages in Florida. Wish they would stay in the cities. You are quite wrong on your assessment that people are moving to cities. The opposite is the case. Do some research.

Big cities may be great if you are young, single, and a player but they are no place for someone with a real life. They bring too many diseases… not to mention fleas, head lice, crabs, and progressivism…. I will take the chirping of crickets over the sardine can and group think mentality of city living any day.

Posted by: Dayna: Category: Free dating advice Bellevue Nebraska asia Hey girls! The weather sucks in the garden and work is slow at the present. Tags: mature women looking for in Kassase, Kulangit fuck buddy, adult sex chat rooms Wujiaji. Dating for sex Seogwipo looking for bbw Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA. I Wanting Sexy Chat Wife want real sex TX Olney Heights · Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska · Buffalo New. So those who want/need their own vehicle for specialised purpose are Driverless vehicles will hit children running into the road, will line up Another avenue of control over when and where I want to go? Fuck off. lan 2 years ago .. our property on the WV PA border and spent the weekend shooting.

I like the sound of crickets at night and love my space. I will be retired by then and do not live in a big city now. I hate hate hate it when I have to drive to LA now. Have you bothered to research Agenda 21 and Agenda 30?


Wow go to sleep go to sleep or should I say…. Take your shots, drink Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska fluoride, eat GMO foods because the govt will take very good care of you. Just like they do in Venezuela. Look up Georgia Guidestones. There are the benefits of internationalism. Fluoride is a neurotoxin brain toxin Scientist can be bought and paid for to fit their narrative and agenda.

Fluoride is common many water sources — where it is in very low concentration people have bad teeth also where it is very high concentration ; in the middle teeth have fewer Cobourg naked ladies and this concentration is where fluoridation is aimed.

Excessive fluoride can come from power station ash dumps Duke, you cleaned up yetaluminium smelters along with oxalate, thorium, radium, ytterium, etc. Cars belch carbon particles, NOx, hydrocarbons, crash into each other and inanimate objects, consume huge chunks of tax money for roads to park on, better to reduce their number, like cats.

Plants need carbon dioxide to survive. We give off dioxide. Are they getting rid of people next. Read your toothpaste tube.

Contact your poison control center immediately if swallowed. Are you awake yet? Or are you a Soros paid troll or a Soros computer robot bot?

Demanding that a nation make all its own stuff held India back for 50 years, it will do the same in USA. I think last year at Bilderberg meeting. Notice the year of driverless cars. People love their cars!

American consumers have demonstrated time New rockford ND sexy women time again owning a vehicle is a top priority and they will simply reallocate their money however they need to in order to have the vehicles they want, and it is other parts of the economy that get squeezed as a result of these ill-conceived myopic efforts.

I pray it never comes to that but history shows what happens when government becomes such a burden on the people.

Many of the younger Millennials are like sheep. They just care about their phones and driving is not important to them. They also tend to gravitate towards cities. So self driving cars will appeal to many of them.

I trust my skill to drive in snow and on ice better than a Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska in Silicon Valley. It is all about freedom. No thanks. Millennials will hopefully wake up. Public transportation is gross. Imagine having to wait for a vehicle to lug your groceries for your family. Or needing a truck or SUV to hit up home depot for gardening supplies.

The convenience of an autonomous vehicle service comes with a cost… privacy. This will not happen over night but over a generation or two. Cars did not replace horses over night. The transition will occur naturally. Young people will OT buy an auto for personal Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska.

What percentage of teens can even change a flat tire? How many can saddle a horse? Driving a personal vehicle might be one. Except of course…. When it comes to public transportation in the SF Bay Area, you nailed it.

BART and some of the other public transportation services are a cesspool of filth. The stations are a disgrace and now they are becoming dangerous as evidence by the recent string of attacks on passengers. The biggest thing BART has going for it is a shortage of parking in many of the places you might want to go.

Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska

Yes good call Veritas. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest, nicest areas of the United States. Yet the BART is very dirty and last week angry young gangland teens stormed on there and took everyones purses. So what do you think will happen? Maybe a flying car? Or do you believe we have reached the end of automobile development. No very rich people actually drive their own buvdies. Hillary has not driven in over 35 years.

Not everyone is so enamored of operating an auto as you might think. Dudeyour an idiot. Stop being trendy. This country was founded on owning property, not renting. Go To a third world country if you want to live like that. We have a good way of life in America. They move here, have trouble adjusting, and Pennsylvaia the rest of the country to adapt to them, be like them so Girls in Memphis that want to fuck can feel good about themselves.

Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska eat bugs, live in closets then pack into public transportation like sardines. They seem to.

For what? No privacy? No space? Claustrophobic living conditions that barely rise to the level of a large dorm room? Cash is a medium of exchange. A good comment and accurate. But the Democrats and ufck Leftists are intent on bringing in more and more of these folks. These are their future voting constituents. They have been doing this for the past 40 years nebrzska have essentially destroyed the republic. Not one bit. It gets 30 mpg in town and 40 mpg on the Interstate. I would love to own an electric car but the currently available models are not affordable for me or most other people.

Paying the wannaa of the annual median wage for a car, van or pickup truck is foolish, IMO, but in a free country people have that right and many can justify that expense against alternatives. Perhaps in years, IF battery technology Lifestlyes swingers new jersey. Swinging. to the point where standard nerbaska can be recharged or replaced for the same cost, or less, buddiex a Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska of gas and give similar carrying capacities and ranges.

This will take batteries with 10X the current capacities that are also able to be recharged in firls 10 minutes. The Li-Ion battery depends on Lithium.

The two major sources of Lithium are China and Bolivia. Hydrocarbons have an unbeatable av density. Algae farms can capture CO2 and generate fuel oils using solar radiation, even during cloudy days.

That way we would be recycling the Carbon in our hydrocarbon aanna. Hey moron, what about people who have children and grandchildren out of state? You think everyone flies everywhere? Only the global NWO controllers will have the mobility and freedom we have now. Why are the economics going to be Pennyslvania much better for a fleet owner than a private owner? I understand the economy of scale argument.

There are places in rural America that this concept will never work. The miles would effectively double for the autonomous fleet vehicle. Localities would pile taxes on these companies like they do any other business. And insurance on passenger carrying vehicles is extremely high. Thanks Turd. They will happily steal our tax dollars to do it but will not allow us to drive our old fashioned cars on them. These lanes in my area are mainly empty. And the buses that use them are carrying three or four passengers.

Yet I cannot drive in that lane. My tax dollars helped to build that friggin road. I can definitely see a good old fashioned tax revolt getting the attention of those in State Wf and DC.

You ni the only person in this thread who gets it. Everyone else is a god damn moron. They have no idea how fast and hard artificial intelligence is going to upend the economy. What use would a Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska, autonomous or not, be if your dream of an upended economy comes true? I would rather have enough control over my own life to make a life for myself, regardless of what the economy has done for the rest of the sheep.

Htat the AI crowd has been making that same prediction for fifty years. Artificial Intelligence, six decades of parlour tricks and not much to show for the billions spent.

Typical liberal elitism. You Horny women in Pleasant Mount, PA admit that the ultimate goal is to take away the freedom of movement by making it so expensive that only the rich elite will be able to take a drive anywhere they want at anytime that they want to.

Nick, i think you dont get it. Actually I want my own automated car. Not one that has been used for all kinds of disgusting things previously. I tell it to come get me at home and it wakes up from wherever it lives and comes to my house. Then I call it up again when I want to go back. And, at the end of each day it permanently wipes its memory of where it has been.

Except that I would still have a garage for it! Fuck buddies wv Gitts Run Pennsylvania PA girls that wanna fuck in nebraska would just be automated, but mine. Not some yukky used piece of public transportation. Self-driving cars are one thing, taxi services are another. Self-driving, individually owned vehicles is where the market is especially with us baby boomers beginning to hit retirement.

Own your own vehicle as eyesight may become poor.