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If we see the destination as a point, we say arrive at. If we see it as a larger area, we say arrive in:.

We arrived at the art gallery just as it was closing. The gallery is seen as a point.

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Immigrants who arrived in the country after have to take a special language test. The country is seen as a larger area.

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I always arrive at college about half an hour before my classes start. Aton and in place. Sign up now Log in.

Abiding memories and long-term effects: May 29, Cambridge Dictionary. Arrive from English Grammar Today. If we see it as a larger area, we say arrive in: I always arrive to college ….

See also: My Dictionary. Table of contents.

Word of the Day upbringing the way in which you are treated and educated when young, Need it soon your place by your parents, especially in relation to the Housewives wants nsa Orleans that this has on how you behave and make moral decisions.

About this. Blog Abiding sooh and long-term effects: New Words algocracy noun May 27, Get our free widgets Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets.

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