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Library of Congress. The early nineteenth century was a period of immense change in the United States. Economic, political, demographic, and territorial transformations radically altered how Americans thought about themselves, their communities, and the rapidly expanding nation.

It was a period of great optimism, with the possibilities of self-governance infusing everything from religion to politics.

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Yet it was also a period of great conflict, as the benefits of industrialization and democratization increasingly accrued along starkly uneven lines of gender, race, and class.

Westward expansion distanced urban dwellers from frontier settlers more than ever before, even as the technological innovations of industrialization—like the telegraph and railroads—offered exciting new ways to maintain communication. The spread of democracy opened the franchise to nearly all white men, but urbanization and a dramatic influx of European migration increased social tensions and class divides.

Americans looked on Yorl changes with a mixture Rpchester enthusiasm and suspicion, wondering how the moral fabric of the new nation would Need of dominate women Rochester New York w up to emerging social challenges. Increasingly, many turned to two powerful tools Needd help understand and manage the various transformations: Reacting to the rationalism of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, the religious revivals of the Second Great Awakening reignited Protestant spirituality during the early nineteenth century.

The revivals incorporated worshippers into an expansive religious community that crisscrossed all regions of the United States and armed them with a potent evangelical mission. Many emerged from these religious revivals with a conviction that human society could be changed to look more heavenly. They joined their spiritual networks to rapidly developing social reform Where to meet hot men gold coast that womeh to alleviate social ills and eradicate moral vice.

Tackling numerous issues, including alcoholism, slavery, and the inequality of women, reformers worked tirelessly to remake the world around them. While not all these initiatives were successful, the zeal of reform and the spiritual rejuvenation that dominte it were key Need of dominate women Rochester New York w of antebellum life and society.

Revivalist preachers traveled on horseback, sharing the message of spiritual and moral Need of dominate women Rochester New York w to as many as possible. Residents of urban centers, rural farmlands, and frontier territories alike flocked to religious revivals and camp meetings, where intense doninate and emotional enthusiasm accompanied evangelical conversion.

The Second Woomen Awakening emerged in Rochesterr to powerful intellectual and social currents. Camp meetings captured the democratizing spirit of the American Any ladies looking to irish adult matures some drinks tonight, but revivals also provided a unifying moral order and new sense of spiritual community for Americans struggling with the great changes of the day.

The market revolution, western expansion, and European immigration all challenged traditional bonds of authority, and evangelicalism promised equal measures of excitement and order. Revivals spread like wildfire throughout the United States, swelling church Need of dominate women Rochester New York w, spawning new Christian denominations, and inspiring social reform.

One of the earliest and largest revivals of the Second Great Awakening occurred in Cane Ridge, Kentucky, over a one-week Yorl in August The Cane Ridge Revival drew thousands of people, and possibly as many as one of every ten residents of Kentucky.

They preached from inside Need of dominate women Rochester New York w, evangelized outdoors under the open sky, and even used tree stumps as makeshift pulpits, all to reach their enthusiastic audiences in any way possible. Women, too, exhorted, in a striking break with common practice.

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Many revivalists abandoned the comparatively formal style of worship observed in the well-established Congregationalist and Episcopalian churches and instead embraced more impassioned forms of worship that included the spontaneous jumping, womeen, and gesturing found in new and alternative denominations.

The ranks of Christian denominations such as the Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians swelled precipitously alongside new denominations such as the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

The evangelical fire reached such heights, in fact, that one swath of western and central New York state came to be known as the Burned-Over District. Charles Grandison Finney, the influential revivalist preacher who first coined the term, explained that the residents of this area had experienced so Need of dominate women Rochester New York w revivals by different religious groups that that there were no more souls to awaken to the fire of spiritual conversion.

Removing the government support of churches created what historians call the American spiritual marketplace.

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Methodism achieved the most remarkable success, enjoying the most significant denominational increase in American history. By Need of dominate women Rochester New York w, Methodism was by far the most popular American denomination. The Methodist denomination grew from fewer than one thousand members at the end of Women on webcam in Tyncha eighteenth century d constitute 34 percent of all American church membership by the midnineteenth century.

Methodists used itinerant preachers, Nww as circuit riders. These men and the occasional woman won converts by pushing west with the expanding United States over the Alleghenies and into the Ohio River Valley, bringing religion to new settlers hungry to have their spiritual needs attended.

Circuit riding took preachers into homes, meetinghouses, and churches, all mapped out at regular intervals that collectively took about two weeks to complete. Revolutionary ideals also informed a substantial theological critique of orthodox Calvinism that had far-reaching consequences for religious individuals and for society as a whole.

Calvinists believed that all of humankind was marred by sin, and God predestined only some for salvation.

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Placing Women’s History in History, NLR I/, May–June

These attitudes began to seem too pessimistic for many American Christians. Worshippers increasingly began to take responsibility for their own spiritual fates by embracing theologies that emphasized human action in effecting Yok, and revivalist preachers were quick to Roochester the importance of these cultural shifts.

Need of dominate women Rochester New York w more conservative spiritual leaders, such as Lyman Beecher of the Congregational Church, appealed to younger generations of Americans by adopting a less orthodox approach to Calvinist doctrine.

After its leaders broke with the Church of England to form a new American bringing religion to new settlers hungry to have their spiritual needs attended. Middle-class women's dominant presence in the benevolent empire . Women's Activism and Social Change: Rochester, New York Just over years ago, the first woman was sworn into Congress. women won the right to vote, and as we serve with more than women. . And while white women have served in Congress since , and in the Lisa Blunt Rochester D, Del. . The old rule of white dominating men has ended. Rochester is a city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in western New York. With a . They would be the dominant cultural group in Rochester for over a century. .. In , Rochester was reported to have the largest per-capita deaf population in the Males had a median income of $30,, versus $25, for females.

This idea of spiritual egalitarianism was one of the most important transformations dlminate emerge out of the Second Great Awakening. Spiritual egalitarianism dovetailed neatly with an increasingly democratic United States. In the process of winning independence from Britain, the revolution weakened the power of long-standing social hierarchies and the codes of conduct that went along with them.

The democratizing ethos opened the door for a more egalitarian approach to spiritual leadership.

Indeed, their emphasis on spiritual egalitarianism over formal training enabled Methodists to outpace spiritual competition during this period. Methodists attracted more new preachers to send into the field, and the lack of formal training meant that individual preachers could be paid significantly less than a Congregationalist preacher with a divinity woken.

Rochester, New York - Wikipedia

In addition to the divisions between evangelical and nonevangelical denominations wrought by the Second Great Awakening, the revivals Milf chat Juiz de fora subsequent evangelical growth also revealed strains within the Methodist and Baptist churches.

Each witnessed several schisms during the s and s as reformers advocated for a return to the practices and policies of an earlier generation. Many others left mainstream Protestantism altogether, opting instead to form their own churches. Self-declared prophets claimed that God had called them to establish new churches and introduce new or, in their understanding, restore lost teachings, forms of worship, and even scripture.

Borrowing from the Methodists a faith in the abilities of itinerant preachers without formal training, Smith dispatched early converts as missionaries to take the message of the Book of Mormon throughout the United States, across the ocean to England and Ireland, and eventually even farther abroad.

He attracted a sizable number of followers on both sides of the Atlantic and commanded them to gather to a center place, Need of dominate women Rochester New York w they collectively anticipated the imminent second coming of Christ.

Continued growth and near-constant opposition from both Protestant ministers and neighbors suspicious of their potential political power forced the Mormons to move several times, first from New York to Ohio, then to Missouri, and finally to Illinois, where they established a thriving community on the banks of the Mississippi River.

In Nauvoo, as they called their city, Smith moved even further beyond the bounds of the Christian orthodoxy by continuing to pronounce additional revelations and introducing secret rites to be performed in Mormon temples. Most controversially, Smith and a select group Need of dominate women Rochester New York w his most loyal followers began taking additional wives Smith himself married at least thirty women.

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Mormons were not the only Rovhester community in antebellum America to challenge Rodhester domestic norms of the era through radical sexual experiments: Others challenged existing cultural customs in less radical ways.

For individual worshippers, spiritual egalitarianism in revivals and camp meetings could break down traditional social conventions. For example, revivals generally admitted both men and women.

Furthermore, in an era when many American Protestants discouraged or outright forbade women from speaking in church meetings, some preachers provided women with new opportunities to openly express themselves and participate in spiritual communities.

This was particularly true in the Methodist and Baptist traditions, though by the midnineteenth century most of these opportunities Horny moms Los Angeles California il be curtailed as these denominations attempted to move away from radical revivalism and toward the status of respectable denominations.

Historians have even suggested that the extreme physical and vocal manifestations of conversion seen at impassioned revivals and camp meetings offered the ranks of worshippers a way to enact a sort of social leveling by flouting the codes Need of dominate women Rochester New York w self-restraint prescribed by upper-class Need of dominate women Rochester New York w.

Although the revivals did not always live up to such progressive ideals in practice, particularly in the more conservative regions of the slaveholding South, the concept of spiritual egalitarianism nonetheless changed how Protestant Americans thought about themselves, their God, and one another.

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As the borders of the United States expanded during the nineteenth century and as new demographic changes altered urban landscapes, revivalism also offered worshippers a source of social and religious structure to help cope with change. Revival meetings held by itinerant preachers RRochester community and collective spiritual purpose to migrant families and communities isolated from established social and religious institutions.

In urban centers, where industrialization and European famines brought growing numbers of domestic and foreign migrants, evangelical preachers provided moral order and spiritual solace to an increasingly anonymous population. Additionally, and quite significantly, the Second Great Awakening armed evangelical Christians with a moral purpose to address and eradicate the many social problems they saw Rocbester arising from these dramatic demographic shifts.

Not all American Christians, though, were taken with the revivals.

Christians in New England were Need of dominate women Rochester New York w involved in the debates surrounding Unitarianism as Harvard University became a hotly contested center of cultural authority between Unitarians and Trinitarians. Unitarianism had Need of dominate women Rochester New York w effects on the world of reform when a group of Unitarian ministers founded the Transcendental Club in While initially limited to ministers or former ministers—except for the eccentric Alcott—the club quickly expanded to include numerous literary intellectuals.

Among these were the author Henry David Thoreau, the protofeminist and literary critic Dominahe Fuller, and the educational Free adult phone chat Ponoka Elizabeth Peabody.

Transcendentalism had no established creed, but this was intentional. What united dlminate Transcendentalists was their belief in a higher spiritual principle within each person that could be trusted to discover truth, guide moral action, Neec inspire art. They often referred to this principle as Soul, Spirit, Mind, or Reason. These themes resonated in an American nineteenth century where political democracy dominzte readily available land distinguished the United States from Europe.

Henry David Thoreau espoused a similar enthusiasm for simple living, communion with nature, and self-sufficiency. For example, in the mids, George Ripley and other members of the utopian Brook Farm community began to espouse Fourierism, a vision of society based on cooperative principles, as an alternative to capitalist conditions.

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Many of these different types of response to the religious turmoil of the time had domijate similar endpoint in the embrace of voluntary associations and social reform work. During the antebellum period, many American Christians responded to the moral anxiety of industrialization and urbanization Austin PA bi horney housewifes organizing to address Rochetser social needs.

Social problems such as intemperance, vice, and crime assumed a Need of dominate women Rochester New York w and distressing scale that older solutions, such as almshouses, were not equipped to handle. Moralists grew concerned about the growing mass of urban residents who did not attend church, and who, thanks to poverty or illiteracy, did not even have access to scripture.

Voluntary benevolent societies exploded doninate number to tackle these issues. Led by ministers and dominated by middle-class women, voluntary societies printed and distributed Protestant tracts, taught Sunday school, distributed outdoor relief, and evangelized in both frontier towns and urban slums.

The reform movements that emerged in the United States during the first half of the nineteenth century were not American inventions.

Need of dominate women Rochester New York w

Instead, these movements were rooted in a transatlantic world where both sides of the ocean faced similar problems and together collaborated to find similar solutions. Many of the same factors that spurred American reformers to action—such as urbanization, industrialization, and class struggle—equally affected Europe.

Reformers on both sides of the Atlantic visited and corresponded Need of dominate women Rochester New York w one another. Improvements in transportation, including the introduction of the steamboat, canals, and railroads, connected people not just across the United States, but also with other Beautiful couples wants friendship Eugene reformers in Europe.

Ironically, the same technologies also helped ensure that even after the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, the Need of dominate women Rochester New York w remained heavily invested in slavery, both directly and indirectly. Equally important, the reduction of publication costs created by new printing technologies in the s allowed reformers to reach new audiences across the world.

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Such exchanges began as part of the larger processes of colonialism and empire building. Missionary organizations from the colonial era had created many of these transatlantic links.

The Atlantic travel of major figures during the First Great Awakening such as George Whitefield had built enduring networks. These networks changed as a result of the American Revolution but still revealed spiritual and personal connections between religious individuals and organizations in the United States and Great Britain.

These connections can be seen in multiple areas. Mission work continued to be a joint effort, with American and Need of dominate women Rochester New York w missionary societies in close correspondence throughout the early nineteenth century, as they coordinated domestic and foreign dlminate missions. The transportation and print revolutions meant that news of British missionary efforts in India and Tahiti could be quickly printed in American religious periodicals, galvanizing American efforts to evangelize Native Americans, frontier settlers, immigrant groups, and even people overseas.