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Whats with this Presa Canario? Long time no see. Im fostering a cat PC and he prefers to live outside.

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Beautiful older woman seeking casual encounter Eugene PCs are often bred to bond with livock and not humans so its not especially weird that he prefers it outside. He can go into the garage if he wants because theres a track that lets him into New to Visalia looking for fwb little hutch if he desires.

Hes got blankets, hes good- I got it. He doesnt especially like me not that he dislikes me but were our rescue is really worried about re-homing him because none of the bonding techniques we use are clicking with him.

This is bad New to Visalia looking for fwb. Any ideas? He wont be up for adoption until he moves onto cat tolerance about six more months, we guess.

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My backyard is cat-proof so no wandering felines can get in, no worries. I posted this on yahoo answers and got a pile of nothing. Please help. What have you tried? I would sugg just starting off by sitting in Viszlia enclosure. Perhaps while you are reading a book. Get closer and closer to his doghouse. After New to Visalia looking for fwb gets comfortable with you in there, start throwing him treats.

Gradually work to giving him pats on the head and such. Also, going for walks are a really good way to bond. That is, if you havent dor any of this. Weve tried walks, jogs, rollerblading, socialization training he makes friends with dogs that are friends with us, ie. Ive done things like read in his pen, type papers in there, etc. He just ignores me. Its not New to Visalia looking for fwb hes mean he just has zero inter in humans.

Weve handfed him too and he treats our hands like bowls In Seppeltsfield by aquarium tonight interaction association. As of now, he gets very anxious indoors.

Is he intered in New to Visalia looking for fwb If he is perhaps you could limit his toy playing time to when he is interacting with humans ball throwing, tug etc? Well, we havent tried that And well try just about anything now.

What are the benefits of that? He does love toys. Kongs, pull ropes, and softballs are his favorites. It is just New to Visalia looking for fwb matter of finding. The positive association may help him to bond and it may make him intered in people. If it seems like it is working, try and get as many people at the shelter involved so he associates ALL humans with fun time. Nw by no means an expert but it couldnt hurt to try.

Good Visqlia with him, keep us posted. We did that with treats Thats how I get him to take a bath and to calm down while I try to trim his nails. But I never thought of human in the same column as bath or trim nails. I guess if youre a dog its all relative. Unless someone sees a downside to this, its the route Im going to take.

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Thank you! Just wondering why push cat tolerance? Some dogs just dont like cats and shouldnt be forced or remain off the adoption line because of Vjsalia.

Because its possible for him Hes a brilliant dog and we like to get our fosters as tolerant to anything as possible. In the long run hell have a better chance of finding a home, weve found.

He doesnt have to be cat friendly but wed like him not to try to them anymore. Im not too worried about the cat thing We the rescue need to find a way to make lioking feel comfortable indoors and how to bond with humans.

The cat thing is secondary Denair Tomahawk. Sex clubs in Nikiski very unlikely that hell bond. With anybody everybody.

Presas just arent built that way. Had he been with one family since he was a puppy? It could take him quite a while to decide to fully bond again, and it will probably take a true, instinctual alpha personality.

New to Visalia looking for fwb

He was in a box dropped off at our local. He and Bi couples Overton others, hes the only survivor. They were around — weeks then. Hes just over a year old and has been in our system since day one. He prefers males to females Im the latter but all of our male foster homes are full a full foster home?

No way. Hell play and then become disintered. He gives New to Visalia looking for fwb that say, Yeah, I could bond with you. Thinking from a rescue perspective who would want a dog like that? Whats our adoption market? Wow, that is a long time Adult seeking nsa Jackson Missouri 63755 fosterfor a New to Visalia looking for fwb. Have yall contacted Presa rescue? Maybe they could get him pooking a Presa experienced foster home.

Not saying yall arent good, but you know how that goes.

Especially with rarer breeds. They wont take him We dont have any locally, and Presas I guess were popular down south so Free Hayward move sex Presa New to Visalia looking for fwb we know about are all full with hurricane rescues.

Which is a bummer for us, but were glad that Presas can find homes. Weve tried, we cant take Nww is all we hear. See above.

Keep in mind that some dogs will never like catsever. I work with a rescue and we have. And he, remains, human tolerant. Cat tolerance? Seems to me that if he. How long have you had him?

Do you know what. His story is? How did he come to be in rescue?

New to Visalia looking for fwb Look For Sex Chat

lloking Sometimes with uncommon breeds they just dont. Fo can be standoffish not sure any amount of training will change that behavior. That is part of their nature as protection New to Visalia looking for fwb.

Good luck! Often that is opposing body language based as cats talk different than dogs and New to Visalia looking for fwb are primarily body language animals rather than verbal language based. Often times the cat will trigger the behavior since the dog cant understand them. I Married wife seeking nsa North Bergen Dobermans that had never been around cats except those that teased them in the yard and that they ended up so they were cat but I recently got a cat that was reared without other cats, obviously, as On Port Campbell looking had none of the normal body language cues and she walked up to the dogs and said hi like she was one of them and they are all b buds had she done a typical cat posture, they would have instantly her.

So you are dealing with retraining the ohio state university international students statistics dogs language basically how it hears cats interact and how it hears human interaction.

I have found taking dogs through a good motivational obedience or agility class can be helpful in building confidence. Good luck. Thats exactly it He wasnt properly socialized as a puppy so he didnt know it wasnt OK to bite dogs, not okay to approach dogs a certain way stuff that only dogs can teach dogs. So, we got him dog friendly and human tolerant, but we cant get him cat tolerant because weve gathered they oloking him uncomfortable and his first reaction is it.

Because hes an animal, and they think, attack or dont attack. Cats still fall into the attack column. Humans and dogs are New to Visalia looking for fwb the latter. We just want him to trust and like people in general so that he feels comfortable being inside in the winter if we cant transfer him down south and the New to Visalia looking for fwb things are going, we wont be.