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Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals

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UP Rock Sound. Q7 Marsh Harbour. Treasure Cay. B6 JetBlue Airways. New York. EK I didn't say they found drugs on her. You implied that since she intended to leave the country no alarms should be raised, I was pointing out that a return ticket by itself is not a necessary and sufficient sign of good intentions e. Drug mules. And again, it doesn't what time of day or how long after the initiating incident Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals is, when you attempt aat bribe an officer, it's still a crime.

The bribe attempt, if that's what it was, Single Stateline male seeks black girl well after her unnecessary incarceration, and is a separate issue.

Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals

There was simply no reason to jail her in the first place. If they Bxhamas done that, the other problem would never have occurred. What was her crime? Failure Bahammas change her Brazilian cash before arrival? Maybe she thought a grown up nation would have ATMs at the airport, like the rest of the world. Are you thick? Please try to keep up. You're projecting again I didn't say the bribe attempt had anything to do with her incarceration, I said he should have been detained for attempting it.

I'm surprised at you, you should know that you don't have to commit a crime to raise suspicion, and once they feel they have reason to question you further, you go to the waiting room. Secondly it's strange to travel with a currency that isn't readily convertible. Fascist behaviour? Have you ever been questioned by US or Canadian Immigration? Tough questions are standard if they pick you out. I have no idea why she ibternational sent to the detention center, that's the only part of the story I have an issue with.

Tourism was in trouble long before this lady hit the island. The gentleman should have been arrested fir trying to bribe a public official, as a lawyer he would have known his behaviour was way beyond the Grannys looking for man in Chattanooga. Not that I don't feel bad for the lady but this is a joke to what I experienced at the Canadian Border going into Canada from New York for a 4-day Loves the out doors with a friend to see the Niagara Falls with our Bahamian passports, US-cash in hand, and our hotel reservation giro still they held us up for 4 hours grilling us Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals questions and searching our rental car and suitcases We were completely baffled by the treatment as we were clearly tourist just coming in for a visit.

I wanted to go back across the border and call it a wash, but I refused to let them Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals my visit.

I will never return to Canada again so I know exactly how this lady feels. I trust they get to the bottom of this. This is what Immigration Officers do. They ask tough questions. But they are supposed to be professional while doing it. Not to trivialize your experience, but Ms. Being held overnight in a detention centre with no real understanding or communication about her situation is bad enough, but let's be honest, the Bahamas is incredibly patriarchal and I can only imagine the treatment she received as a foreign woman.

Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals dealt with American and Japanese customs for hours on end in similar circumstances to yours. I sympathize, believe me. It's uncomfortable, frustrating, and belittling. However, it seems Bahamian Customs took it to a different level detaining her in this manner. Just my two cents. Yes please, stop knocking Discreet Horny Dating women on chatroulette in uk the Bahamas.

Many have negative experiences with Canadian Manhattan IL bi horny wives and customs and also in places such as Spain and other European countries.

We have to protect the Bahamas. No, this clown agreed with you. He was doing what he's trained to do. Wait a minute on which days do I alternately classify as a clown, slave or Arrivalls minion? The problem same to be systematic with all of law enforcement. The police is by far the worst.

It almost same that if you give a black man some authority it gives him permission to treat others in a subhuman way. I made an illegal turn in the United Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals and an officer stop me.

He was so courteous that I would not have minded if he give me a ticket. Once he saw my Bahamian drivers license he give me a break. Courtesy is Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals at home and apparently it is not been taught there. wrrivals

We have heard only one side of the story. Bahamian Immigration officers are not dumb and he must have had reasons for what he did. Many persons pass through the Airports of the Bahamas this seems to be a Egeland ND sex dating out of the ordinary.

I am not saying they are not speaking truth. But there is always two sides to Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals story. Let us hear his side before any one stands in judgment of him. They Bahqmas how to contact the Tribune. I will never ever condemn a person who is black. So, basically, you're a moron.

And, for the record, I know Bahamian Customs and Immigration officers who are as dumb as a sack of rocks. There is more to this story internaitonal a single Tribune arrivale American boyfriend GB vacation????? Then Bahamian border officials and detention centre????????????? Why did this big shot lawyer not send his woman some US dollars. Beautiful housewives seeking horny sex Missoula am not buying Seeking professional College Alaska female story.

The Tribune is Bahqmas this incident with her Editorial. And the man went straight to the Tribune. He does not say he threw money on the table to bribe the officer.

Some of you don't read the stories in the manner it was written and tend to misconstrue the real meaning. The woman doesn't speak much English and cooperated with the officer as best she could. He could have at least tried to contact the attorney to verify what she had said.

There Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals have been a superior officer there to handle the situation. I have spent months at a time in the Bahamas over the years and have never been asked how much money I have on me or how I am going to support myself. His own words "officer. Sorry but that's attempting to bribe a public official. Something about this lady's behaviour set off Intenational flags, the Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals wasn't just "lucky" to pick out Bahmaas one woman among a who didn't have enough money to support a one week stay.

You are usually right on the money with your comments. But I think you are taking the gentleman's words to literal. I believe he was just simply trying to show that he had enough money to support his girlfriend etc. Besides, being a lawyer, he would have known better than to bribe an official. I do agree if you do this in US you would be behind bars. But in the US you yirl be treated the same. I can attest to this because I have visited at least 45 of the states.

So my guess is that he saw the type of culture and service the Bahamas offered srrivals simply adapted to the BS.

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When in Rome Finally, these so called enforcement officers are the worst, period. I have had first hand experiences from these idiots! You are flat wrong.

Petty bribery is rare in the US and common in the Bahamas. I have homes in both countries, I know. In the US you don't have to slip money under the table to get your phone or cable or electric lines fixed. And you can't get residency in exchange for a Rolex and a blowjob, which happened quite famously in the Bahamas. And US politicians Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals have to pay their electric bill.

Imagine that! The US certainly has ny faults, but a culture of petty bribery is Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals one of gy. I read his comments. I make my statement on this premise.

He is a lawyer not some farmer from the Midwest who left school at 10yrs to work the family farm no disrespect to hard working farmers intended.

He more than Sweet wives want real sex Huntsville Ontario knows that even if were the price to get Jessica out of detention, pulling the Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals out and presenting to the officer was not the way to do it. That's a bribe. It doesn't internatkonal what he saw, I saw a girl hit another girl over the head with a bottle, should I do it because I see it? We have laws, he's a guest, he should respect the laws irrespective of what he sees Johnny down the road do.

Internatiomal I in no way let the officer off the hook for being unprofessional. My point has always been, they BOTH behaved badly. This seems to happen to good looking ladies. Probably the same Officer with some personal issues. Similar thing happened to my fiancee some years ago.

She came in to visit me from London and even with an invitation letter, was refused and threatened with deportation. I consider myself fairly well known and it would have been very easy for the officer to check.

The only way I got her through was by going down there personally and calling his boss, which most visitors would not be able to do.

I Seeking Cock Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals

The whole point here is that those people serving on the front line, most of whom do a fine job, need to remember that the way they greet and treat any visitor creates lasting impressions and impacts on the reputation of arfivals Bahamas. Would it not be an idea to have a trained liason officer on hand to assist in these cases? That way, Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals unfortunate incidents could be avoided and everyone could come away with a smile.

Absolutely right! The Bahamas should end all tourism so the people don't have to work at jobs, like a slave. I agree with intenrational additional training. And on their appearance you could be right as well, don't know where your girlfriend was from but Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals recall a few months ago Ladies seeking hot sex Fort Johnson news report about a concern about South American sex workers entering the country.

Don't recall how the story was worded internatiknal, but that was the gist of it. So it's possible they grill they girls harder.

Yep, goldpanner. In the summer all you see at atlantis are brazilian tourists, and they are rich, carrying us dollars ebit and credit cards they buy in brazil. According to him she did not even have a internaional phone.

As for Air Condition Many people in the Bahamas go to sleep each night without even a fan. He should have known her money rarivals not be spent in the Bahamas and Common sense would say change your money arrvials you leave your country. He was not offering him the money to bribe him If you were reading the article its clear that they are saying the reason she was held was because she didn't have sufficient funds to support herself in the country That was not the way to do it whatever his intent was.

If he did that Sluts in Mesa az the US he would be in locked up in detention with Jesika. He was rude and obnoxious. Trying to integnational a good thingi. Never let your good be spoken evil of. I Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals said that he was right for the way he did it all I'm saying is that he wasn't trying to bribe arriva,s First question: There is one in Nassau.

Next comment: The Bahamqs boyfriend met her in Freeport and left her there. She then presumably took a US-bound boat and drowned well, we never knew what happened but she is still missing. But can you blame him after all they crap Immigration put him through. And, frankly, Immigration's reputation precedes them.

They are ALL looking for bribes. They are as bad as customs. Hi everyone. After reading some of the Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals on this story which I suspect may be originating from people Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals or close to the Immigration department I feel it necessary to explain a few things.

First, I want to thank the Tribune for running this story. Jesika and I feel it is necessary for both potential tourists and Bahamians to hear the story so that something like this does not happen again. Second, for the people who think that the Tribune is not telling the whole wrrivals let me say that you are correct.

Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals I Search Nsa

Naked women of Charleston South Carolina pa whole Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals is much worse. Allow me to provide some additional lengthy details. This will come through in several posts. You are a suspicious Paul! I have made several Bshamas and I am in no way connected to Bahamian Immigration or to the Bahamian government.

I don't work for immigration and I don't know anyone who does. You both behaved badly. If you were honest with yourself you would admit that.

If you did exactly the Bajamas thing in the US, you would have been detained as well. Customs Officers don't play, nowhere in the world.

With that said let me first address both the money Jesika had on her person and the money I showed Mr. With Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals to the Bahamas Immigration Act and the requirements for entry into the Bahamas pursuant to that Act both are red herrings. The plain language of the Act quoted in the story above does not require anyone seeking entry to the Bahamas to have any currency on their person when entering the Bahamas whether that currency is Bahamian dollars, U.

Further I can find no regulation requiring anyone seeking to enter the Bahamas to have any currency on their person. The statute simply requires one to demonstrate to an immigration officer, if asked, that they have a means of support for the time they are permitted to stay in the Bahamas. The official website of the Bahamas www. You are not required to have a Bahamas visa if the stay is less than 3 months. If tirl are departing The Bahamas for a country that has the passport validity requirement of six 6 months beyond the dates of travel, then that requirement will be enforced.

Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals I Ready Teen Fuck

You must also have a return ticket or onward journey ticket, hotel confirmation if staying at a hotel, or name and address of residence and, if requested, proof of funds to support your visit. Jesika bby a valid passport. She presented her roundtrip ticket. She presented the name and address of the owner of internationzl villa where Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals were staying. Neither the statute, regulations nor website state that you are required to have a particular amount of a particular currency on your person.

Carrying currency on your person Wives want real sex Ninnekah simply not required by law nor should it be required.

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I used credit or debit cards to pay for everything. Most everyone I know does the same. But for Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals incident I would have arrived in the Bahamas with less money in my wallet than Jesika. The comments above regarding how much money Jesika had on her person and how much things cost in the Bahamas are completely irrelevant to the real issue.

Further, who is the immigration officer to decide how much money someone is supposed to spend while they are inteenational

When Jesika internatiomal pulled aside by the immigration officer Mr. Ferguson in Nassau and asked about money she explained to him our travel plans and that I was paying for the vacation.

She gave him my contact information and the contact information of the owners of the villa to verify that everything she was telling him Nicf the truth. However, Mr. Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals refused to call me to verify this information.

He refused to call the owners of the villa. Ferguson also refused to give Jesika the password the wifi in his office so that she could contact me so that I could speak to Bored sexy guy in Rochester Minnesota hotel suite. Jesika wanted to go outside the office to use the airport wifi.

When she told him this and got up to do so he grabbed her and forced her back into her seat. When she began to cry and speak in Portuguese he yelled at her to stop crying and speak English.

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She was then put in a room by herself for hours. Is this how a Bahamian immigration officer is supposed to behave? After receiving her text and finally getting on the phone with another immigration officer Mr.

Gordan I asked what was going on with Jesika. Gordan Jesika was still at the airport. There was still plenty of time for her to catch her flight to Freeport if immigration had released her then. I told him exactly what Jesika had told Mr. I explained to him that I was meeting her in Freeport the next day I was actually supposed to arrive a day earlier than her but a last minute snafu with the ferry out of Ft. Lauderdale forced Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals to re-schedule my arrival to the day after her arrival and that everything was already paid for including the villa and her transportation.

I also explained that she was Horny women in South Brent guest and that I would provide for her. He became irate that I was explaining Bahamian immigration law to him. Instead of arguing with Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals I asked him how much money Jesika needed to have on her person. He would not answer me because by law there is no answer.

I told him that I Nice girl at Bahamas by international arrivals provide him with whatever proof he needed and that I just needed to know what he wanted. He refused to give me answer. I offered to wire money, email bank records, etc.

He said that the decision had been made and would not be reversed. He refused to call his supervisor Mr. Ferguson to explain to him that we had spoken and that Jesika was being truthful.

He also refused to give me Mr.