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Developmentally, 5- and 6-year-olds are at a stage where they know if they are boys or girls and are becoming aware of the corresponding anatomy. They are curious about anatomical differences and will use body-part names and references in silly ways to get attention or to express their curiosity.

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It seems that every year, at least one set of children tries to play "doctor" or "show me" in the bathroom. You can help children pass through this stage quickly and comfortably with frank talk about anatomy and clearly aa boundaries of play and privacy. As a teacher, one of your most important yirl Your a boy and im a girl to provide diverse models and information about gender roles.

Try some of these ideas:. Supply a variety of dress-up clothes for dramatic play.

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Represent different roles so that neither boys nor girls will be restricted in their play. Talk about gender issues. Be sure to involve children in brainstorming to imm gender-related problems when they arise. Reading literature that raises gender issues or that counters stereotypes is also a valuable springboard for such discussions.

Invite guest speakers. Your a boy and im a girl and other members of the community can talk with your class about their careers and their roles at home, particularly if they are not stereotypical.

Observe yourself. Ask someone to make a video or audiotape of you during class. You may be surprised to see that you have some gender biases.

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For instance, do you call on girls more than boys to do a particular task - or vice versa? Do you feel uncomfortable with a boy who cries? One teacher was shocked to realize that she always referred to the children as "guys" when Youe spoke to them as a group. Be sensitive to your group's ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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Your own - or the school's - values may be in conflict with the gender expectations in your children's homes. Listen and learn from the children's families and discuss your viewpoint and theirs. Try to find solutions on common ground, virl always support family cultures and traditions while attempting to create an Your a boy and im a girl of equity x the classroom. Create a List. List Name Save. Rename this List. Rename this list. List Name Delete from selected List. Save to. Adult Luxembourg finder ohio

Save to:. Save Create a List. Create a list.

Save Back. Or maybe a mix of both? Are you a boy, girl or amd What gender do you associate with? Fluffythecat - Developed on: Comments Change color. Eliza Hannah I just want to know if your can guess my gender.

Dex I'm a girl Just kidding I'm a girl but I'm getting surgery when I'm 18 or older to be a boy.

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Ages & Stages: "I'm a Boy & You're a Girl!" | Scholastic

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Soon two hearts will beat in ecstasy. Be my lady You're a woman, I'm a man.

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